Acquisition is Not Success!

Ever since I can remember I have been entrepreneurial. As a child this creative urge expressed itself in music, art, dance and a variety of money making ventures. As I grew into a young man I was often told I was a born salesman and soon my attention was directed toward success in the material world through that talent.
Many opportunities were attracted to me as I focused on acquiring wealth and power. But I soon discovered 'the higher the top the lower the drop' as opportunity after opportunity took me soaring to the heights of worldly delight only to come crashing down as each bubble burst bringing with it chaos in every area of my life.
Early in my career as a would-be tycoon I read a book called 'Think and Grow Rich' which summarized a Success Formula I soon discovered actually worked. It was this Success Formula that brought me frequently to the pinnacle of riches. But always, invariably, the Key ingredient missing from 'my interpretation of the formula' pulled the rug out from under me and disaster soon followed.

The Success Formula

Before I relate how Inner Guidance helped me correct my interpretation of the Key in this formula I will outline the basic Success Formula that brought me within a hair's breath of real success time andagain. Here it is:
First, you must find a GOAL, target or objective to shoot for. This is a specific flower you want to see blossom in the garden of your life.
Next, you create a time parameter around this goal that clearly states WHEN you want to have the flower blossom. This is followed by a PLAN which must be flexible so that it can be gently molded to adapt to the ever changing germination of the seed-goal you have planted in your mind. This is similar to the weeding, pruning, watering, fertilizing and in general, caring for the growing flower.
The final step involves a consistent and persistent FOCUS on your goal or what more recently has been referred to as visualization. This means you see before your mind's eye each day, as often as possible the successful fruition of your goal, a beautiful flower of creation manifested in your garden.
Surrounding this goal, time parameter, flexible plan and focus is the Key ingredient, the ingredient I misunderstood for many years. It is called 'A BURNING DESIRE'.
A goal that does not excite you is not a goal you will easily focus your attention on. Without that focus the vital energy link is broken.
Compare this focus to a lamp plugged into the wall. When the plug or focus is separated from the wall, the goal or light is quickly
extinguished as the electricity used to give it life is withdrawn.
Therefore, without a burning desire the plug is easily pulled out through lack of attention. And in this case a thing called 'magnetic attraction' which draws to your goal ideas, people and all manner of circumstances, which most people refer to as luck, is lost.

But What is Wrong with The Formula?

If this really works and it does, what is so bad about it? The problem with this formula is that it is directed only toward transient pleasures, things that eventually will let you down. Why is that? The reason lies behind the motive of a burning desire or what could also be referred to as an obsession. The motive is always selfish, guided by the ego not the Inner Guide and fueled by emotion.

Use your intuition to achieve financial freedom and independence which will result in personal growth and joyful living.

 Inner Guidance provides the Correct Key Ingredient

Inner Guidance always comes from a perspective of 'the good of all' or what will most benefit everyone. It always provides direction that leads to a Win-Win result although our limited understanding does not usually see that from the beginning.

To the Inner Guide, the formula is identical to that given above with the exception of the burning desire aspect. It's substitute for this fallible Key ingredient is a thing called 'PASSION'. This is desire guided by Love. That is, desire that is guided by a motive to serve your needs through serving the needs of others. It is a wise use of the Law that we 'get what we give'.

To turn transient success into permanent abundance which definitely includes a detached enjoyment of transient pleasures, we must have a peaceful, guilt free mind, a condition which is impossible without a Win-Win approach to success. I learned this through repeated catastrophes which finally drew me to an attitude of receptivity to the direction of my Inner Guide.

But once learned, I found abundance on all levels that continues to grow with each passing day. This is real success and can be found by everyone if they will follow the direction of their own Inner Guide which will always teach them to focus on their dreams with a passion born of love for their fellowman.

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Biography on John McIntosh

Using the direction provided through his own Inner Guide, John has become a highly successful entrepreneur running with his wife, an international natural health company. And for over 25 years he has been a dynamic lecturer and teacher in the area of personal development.
In the last 3 years he became the author of The Millennium Tablets, editor and ghost writer for The Keys to The Kingdom, by Edith Bruce and author of Living Abundantly through Inner Guidance which is due out in September. The above article was taken from that book. His books approach life from the perspective of success at every level through the use of Inner Guidance.

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