MBA and MCA, are the postgraduate degree programs, which one can pursue after the completion of the course, however, picking one of them is consistently a significant test for students who have done BCA , BCS, B.Sc. (IT). These programs have a specialized technical foundation, and deciding on MCA will take the students to a more specialized profession in the technical domain in which they have already buried the roots. If your mind is taking you towards opting for MCA, but you cannot find the appropriate reason for the same, then this read is for you as it will help you in making a better and well-informed decision. But before that let us commence with the basic understanding of both the courses -

What is MCA?
MCA refers to Masters of Computer Applications (MCA), which is a core technical course. The course provides advanced knowledge in the core technical aspects associated with computer applications. An MCA course covers the study of topics including database management, networking software development, various programming languages, etc.

What is MBA?
MBA also referred to as Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a management course that confers and trains managerial and administrative skills in students. The course equips students with in-depth knowledge to a student about how utilizing various rational and scientific methods can improve a business accomplish its numerous resources such as Finance or HR.

Why choose MCA?

Now coming back to why MCA is an appropriate course. Here is the explanation. Presently this is the time of innovation where our day by day lives are getting more subject to innovation and individuals are more technically knowledgeable, it is a superior alternative with MCA to thrive your profession in the realm of innovation.

If you take admission in Top MCA college in Dehradun like Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions which has quality teaching and holistic development approach, you will land grand position openings. There is a full extension for MCA in Government just as the Private segment. If you are a known fan or have enthusiasm for programming at that point, you ought to go for MCA. In this way, it is a superior decision to develop your career in the IT division. MCA course is the ideal choice to make your career in the IT division on the grounds that MCA isn't just a postgraduate program, yet it is additionally a complete, proficient creation course in the IT area.

The reason behind the MCA course is to get students ready with the most recent innovations, devices, and applications in IT and to meet the ever-changing prerequisites of IT experts. MCA students need to consider the vocation just as specialized subjects with topics like Financial Management, Accounting, Mathematics, Programming Languages like C, Java, ASP .Net, Web Development, Database Management System, Python, Data Analytics, etc. as a part of the curriculum.

In a nutshell, MCA and MBA both are acceptable courses; both are fit for attaining high positions. Be that as it may, both are distinguishing field. MCA is appropriate for students who are keen on computer applications and want to upgrade their vision and aspire to become proficient professionals in the field. MBA is the correct alternative for up-and-comers who are acceptable at administrative and authoritative abilities.

Career Opportunities after MCA

A part of the Career possibilities for MCA graduates are as underneath:

• Programming Engineer
• Web designer
• Portable Application designer
• Programming Consultant
• IT Specialists officials in Banks
• Information Scientist
• System Engineer
• Framework Analyst
• Database Administrator
• Testing Engineer
• Specialized Support Engineer
• Quality Assurance Engineer

To make the correct decision it is essential to think about every single factor of a course before settling on the ultimate decision. Cautiously examine your inclinations, abilities and consider where you see yourself working down the line and finally make the right choice.

Author's Bio: 

Assistant Professor at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions Dehradun, Uttarakhand.