Finance and Accounting professionals are both essential and equal to society. Finance field graduates are more focused and aim at the expansion of client assets, Whereas Accounting is related to the accurate filing of financial decisions. Picking the perfect MBA for you depends on your long-term career goals.

Students with an interest in management and accounting have various options, like MBA in operations management in India and much more. However, choosing the correct course from MBA in Accounting and MBA in Finance depends not only on your interest areas but also on your skills and strengths.

The Field of Knowledge:

MBA programmes in Finance emphasise developing a broad range of skills that may be used to address various management situations and company difficulties. Here you learn about the basics of marketing and operations, and management.

MBA in Accounting You can get specialised knowledge in fields like taxation, data mining and auditing, forensic accounting, and organisational risk management with an MBA in Accounting.

Career Prospects:

Graduates can easily chalk out their career paths by completing their degrees from the Best MBA colleges in Hyderabad and elsewhere across India. Mentioned below are the popular jobs after the MBA in Accounting:

Data Analyst
Research Analyst
Assistant Professor
Data Interpreter
Research Scholar
MBA in Finance is a pretty widely pursued course with a high salary scale and good job positions. Here are some job profiles which they can bag:

Financial Analyst
Finance Manager
Accounting Manager
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Business Analyst
Management Consultant
Operations Manager
Relationship Manager
Bank Manager

Study Background:

While an MBA programme allows students to select from a range of majors both inside and outside the financial business, an accounting degree concentrates primarily on the accounting industry.
Students without a study background in professional accounting may take up a master's programme in accounting. But for MBA in accounting, it is usually preferred if students have prior work experience.

Work Feild:

When picking between an MBA in Finance or accounting, business professionals discover overlap in terms of potential jobs. Graduates in accounting and Finance could work for the same companies. Businesses at all levels—regional, national, and international—need people in both fields to succeed.
There are various different careers which students can take up, especially in accounting and finance firms. Accounting specialisation MBA graduates can gain work with government organisations and auditing corporations, for instance. Graduates with a speciality in Finance may find employment with banks and investment firms, which may best make use of their analytical abilities.


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