A degree in Management or an MBA degree is a much sought after post-graduate degree program in the field of finance and business. It opens up a plethora of opportunities for students who wish to make a career in different organizations, institutions and established companies in different areas such as Finance, HR, and Marketing etc. The education sector in India has seen rapid and major transformation in the last few years giving students a large array of opportunities and allowing them to pursue the career of their choice based on their respective aptitudes and interests. The mere mention of an MBA degree adds substantial value to a student’s resume. An MBA degree offers a broad curriculum spanning a wide area in finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, statistics, economics, HR, marketing and management.
An MBA degree in Finance is a good opportunity for students interested in studying areas like portfolio management, valuation models, financial analysis, investing and forecasting. The Finance Specialization in MBA is designed to provide students with the exposure to major areas in the field of finance. Students are exposed to the finer aspects of banking, economics, investment management international finance, taxation and tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, accounting, insurance management and market structure etc during the course of their study.
A Specialization in Finance also opens up various opportunities for students allowing them to learn intricacies of the financial world in order to forecast economic trends, analyse a company's reports, balance risk and profitability and maximize stock values. The business world is an intensely competitive area. An MBA Finance degree can help to develop students’ skills in many different ways ranging from problem-solving, decision making to leadership. MBA post-graduates in Finance are making a difference as leaders in many different organizations the world over. 
After getting their degrees, MBA-Finance students have a wide array of career options to choose from. Some of the positions available for students at entry level are Financial Research Analyst, Accounting Manager, Portfolio Manager, Cash Manager, Investment Banking Associate and Personal Financial Adviser and the list goes on.
At this juncture, students also have the option of pursuing other courses in order to improve their skills and also add value to their resume. Students can pursue courses encompassing areas in/like: IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), Forensic Audit and Fraud Examiner, Actuary, NCFM Modules, Risk Management, Different Diplomas in Banking, International Trade and Finance, Insurance, Chartered Financial Analyst, Financial Modeling, Certified Financial Planner, Company Secretary and many more
Many students graduating now fear the risk of not getting a job due to the dearth of jobs and also the slowdown in the economy. It is imperative at this juncture to understand that this is a temporary phase. The slowdown has affected all job opportunities at different levels. And it is a fact that MBA students are also affected. But every cloud has a silver lining. MBA post-graduates today definitely have better job offers compared to students who just have a bachelors’ degree alone. An MBA Degree opens up the window to the world of opportunities for students and students have to make use of every opportunity available to them.

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