This person is the one that makes it their business to make sure that their clients get the best chance of selection and admittance as possible.  The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is expensive but they have many students trying to get accepted into the course, which can be tough to do.  The acceptance rates to get into these degree programs at the ten most selective programs is about fifteen percent.  This is where the help of the best MBA consultants in Delhi can help.

An MBA consultant is generally a former member of the admissions office of a business school while others are graduates with an MBA.  They will all have the experience that a business school will look for in the applicants applying for acceptance at their school.  Before you would hire an MBA consultant, you need to make sure that they are staying up with the latest developments in the school’s admission offices where you are applying for admittance.

Why use them

The students that choose to use them are usually uneasy about the application process and their chances of getting into a top-notch program.  This is especially true for those students that have nontraditional work backgrounds.  International students also may use them because they are not familiar with the procedures of the application process.  What an MBA consultant does for their clients is a long list but some of what they can do is help them to present themselves properly in front of the admissions team by holding mock interviews and instructions on how to act.  Some offer a full package that includes the entire process of selecting multiple schools from the selection to being admitted or just one service.

When to use an MBA consultant

Most students will choose a consultant sometime in the six months leading up to the deadline for submitting an application but some choose to start earlier.  It depends on the services they are providing for the student.  If you were unsure which school(s) to apply to, then you would need their services sooner.


The cost to use the best MBA admission consultants in Delhi will depend on the service that you choose.  On average, for one service, it can cost a couple of hundreds of dollars but if you choose a complete package, it could cost five thousand dollars or more.

When choosing an MBA consultant make sure that you do thorough research to make sure that you are getting a qualified consultant. You should look at their experience, ask if they have references, and check them out.  If you are looking at their website be a bit wary of any success figures you might see on their website because these figures are hard to verify.

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