I was never a fan of the Star Wars movies when they first came out. I didn't get what all the hype was about…until a decade ago. A friend told me I had to watch all of them, because I would become a fan. He was right. It was actually the character of Yoda I fell in love with and his lessons about "The Force".

The Force reminds me of all that fascinates me about the Law of Attraction. Whether you know it or not, the Law of Attraction (force) is always working. Whether you are using it to your advantage or disadvantage. We are all manifesting from our thoughts at each moment throughout our day. And at any moment we can access magic. Yes. Magic!

I have heard hundreds of complaints over the years from clients saying, "I've tried everything and the Law of Attraction is not working for me. I clarified what I want. I put a lot of attention on it. And I took action toward it. I expected my intention/goal/dream two days ago and it didn't show up. What did I do wrong?"

Yoda says, "The force will be with you always." Which means The Force doesn't take a vacation. It is at your beck and call. Whether you can see it or not, it's there. Often, you're not seeing the evidence of your manifestation quick enough, so you assume it's not working.

You end up giving more mind time to the thing you don't want to happen. Or maybe you're focused on the problem, which gives you more of the problem. Or you doubt that you will truly receive your desire … ever. Abraham-Hicks says, "Want it and don't resist it, and it is. Every single time without exception."

So what do you do when you are frustrated with the whole process of being a magnificent creator who thinks s/he is trying and getting nowhere but stuck? Yoda says, "No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." In other words, trying is irrelevant. You commit to something or not. Then you succeed or you fail.

You must be clear that the force is with you. The Law of Attraction is working. You are the one who can turn the tides for yourself by refocusing your attention on the essence of what you want. Throw out the cursed 'how's for now. Be willing to give most of your attention to the reality you would like. Refuse to look back at the problem after you have experienced and clarified it. It is what it is, now move on.

Step back into your power and use the force to your advantage.

Kick the habit of going to the "dark side." How do you know if you are in the light or dark? In the light you feel light, peace, confidence, support, love, joy, passion, inspiration and things move along nicely. The dark side is full of fear, heaviness, control, manipulation, tightness, loneliness, blame and things seem hard or stagnant.

Whether you call it your magic wand or a light saber, your power is always at your fingertips. Peace is with you. Abundance is yours.

The force is with you!

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