Does it feel like life has you caught in the storm and about to go down for the third time? Are you sending out distress signals and hoping that somehow, in the midst of all the chaos in your life, someone will hear and come to your rescue?

We all have times when life just seems overwhelming. We’ve been running full speed ahead for so long that our energy levels are depleted. When we do stop to take stock of things, it looks like we’ve been doing our running in circles instead of moving forward. For all of our effort, we feel as though we are still where we started.

It is these times, when we have the least energy and are running out of hope, that we must reset our focus. If we continue to look down, we will see only where we are, knee- deep in our frustrations. Resetting our focus to look up not only gives us a chance to see the break in the clouds, but gives us a breath of fresh air.

Take a deep breath; give yourself time to see a new way forward. Look beyond this storm, this particular obstacle. Make a new plan. Rest. Stop struggling against the wind. This may be the time to make a new plan and take your life in an entirely new direction or it may just be time to give yourself a break so that you can go after the old plan with renewed energy.

It is May Day! The flowers are blooming in brilliant color. The buds have burst forth from the trees. Gather some colorful ribbons and run barefoot through the grass. Look up, the sun is shining. All around us life is renewing itself. Have a cup of tea. Take a moment to breathe.

Remember, no matter where you are, there is a way forward. You have the power to change your life, to get the help you need, to lead the way. You are in charge. When you come out of the storm, you will be stronger, wiser and more capable than ever before. You are becoming the incredible being you were meant to be.

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