Publicity is all about getting your message in front of your audience. It may be the message about you being a great Realtor, a successful attorney, the best cardiologist, a caring healthcare provider...

It may be your new book, your non-profit, your business opportunity, your restaurant...The possibilities go on and on.

Like every doctor, business owner or entrepreneur; your time is stretched thin.

So, how can you get the maximum impact every time you write an article, blog post, press release, or comment on news and trends related to your field?

Here is a simple strategy for maximum impact and for getting the most bang for your buck (actually it is all free) with all your publicity.

This is the exact process I use for every press release, article or blog post I write. In fact, I'll demonstrate it at the end of this article; so be sure and read the whole thing!

I start by writing an article. Most are about 500 words although some are longer.

I keep a simple Microsoft Word template and use it to for every new article. At the bottom of the template is a list of these twelve possible uses for each new article, press release, etc.:

1. Twitter - 120 characters (140 is allowed but there needs to be enough margin for people to retweet ie. RT@FreePublicity. ) It needs to be interesting: a quote, thought, or provocative statement, or a link to the entire article.

2. Facebook - One or two paragraphs. Should be an interesting statement, publicity example or tease that links to the article, blog, etc. AND should ask a question at the end to solicit interaction.

3. Infographic – Great for presenting specific points, data, statistics or a timeline/journey that could be communicated with images. There are a number of free and paid infographic software options online. Another option is to outsource your infographics by hiring someone on Fiverr, Odesk or Elance.

4. Blog - 200-500 words. May not be interesting enough to be an article placed on other business websites, or may not be needed as a training session.

5. Video - Either a story type lesson I can do on a webcam, or a lesson that could be presented on power point slides and saved as a video. (Requires Power Point 2010 or later version.)

6. Slides - Almost the same as above, but it would only be appropriate for slides, not me on camera telling a story.

7. Training - Is it strong enough and clear enough to be one of the training sessions, "One Simple Strategy"? If so, then use the Training Format Template.

8. Podcast - Would this be good for a 5-30 minute audio recording?

9. Webinar - Is this strong enough to be a complete 30-60 minute webinar (online seminar)?

10. Forum Post - Is there one simple teaching point that would offer value in a marketing or small business forum?

11. Linkedin - A paragraph or two and then link to the whole content on the blog or article site.

12. Google+ - Follow the same instructions as with Linkedin.

Once the article is finished, I then decide which of these twelve possible uses would be a good fit. Most articles could probably be used in 8 to 10 of these 12 options.

Next I simply copy and paste the article into each of the options and edit it to meet the criteria.

Using Hootsuite or a similar service I can then schedule the distribution of my article and get maximum impact simply and quickly.

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Bruce is a bestselling author, speaker and trainer and founder of Perpetual Publicity, a step-by-step training system that teaches Authors, Business Owners and other Entrepreneurs how to grow their business through free publicity.

Bruce has been featured, quoted, profiled or has appeared in thousands of newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and TV shows in over twenty countries, including:The Today Show, Fox & Friends, CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, I Heart Radio, and NPR.