If you are new to the fantasy sports world you might have a lot of questions related to how the app works, do we actually earn money, how to win maximum money, etc.
To play Fantasy cricket you need to follow the 3 simple steps:
1. Go for an upcoming game and make your own group of 11 players choose the very best player from the groups.
2. Deposit money and join the contest of your choice.

3. Once the match starts, you can see how your players perform in the actual match on the leaderboard and see if your team wins the match.

Winning amount depends on the contest you choose and the match you select
Some platforms offer winning more than 1 crore. people not only play fantasy sports just for time pass but it is currently becoming a full-time business of many people they play on a regular basis by not only joining in one single match but also joining in more than 1 match. By just playing a single match you can first win the signup bonus 100 Rs then you can refer and earn 100 Rs and you can enter such contest such as partial where you will win always even if it is a small amount.

Join Small Contest

If you're joining a massive contest with over 10,000 associates the odds of winning are reduced. Hence winning that major sum is extremely low.
If you are new to the fantasy sports world the most important trick that will help you to learn more about the sport and also you can easily win money is by joining in the small contest with 10-20 members. There are high chances to win money in small contest. It is easy to win among 9 other players than 9,999 others.

Point system

Each fantasy platforms have different point system First select fantasy cricket app and understand its point system some apps provide more points to bating points such as runs. whereas some provide more points to bowling a maiden over, wickets, etc. Also, some app gives balance points of both the factors such as batting and bowling also some apps provide extra points for some special features such as star player, x payer, super 5 thus maximum points can be earned and can win the match.

Select your X player Star Player and Super 5 wisely

Most apps provide to choose 2 players Captain and Vice-captain. When a player scores 10 points, then the exact same participant if chosen as captain you'll receive 20 points.. Vice-captain gets 15 points. So before selecting your players Captain and Vice-captain you need to make a decision based on their performance in real matches Proxy Khel have a unique concept such have STAR PLAYER, X PLAYER, SUPER FIVE in which you can earn bonus points.
30 points in STAR PLAYER
40 points in X PLAYER
45 points in SUPER FIVE.
Extra point high chances of winning and winning cash prizes.
Fantasy cricket games are such that everyone is a winner. There are individual contests where all players are partial winner, while some get a more significant share of the prize amount.
In a few of the cricket league competitions, up to 72 %, players can win money from the prize pool & also at the event of their H2H competition 50 percent of players win cash.
Consequently, if you're able to see, the potential for winning a cash prize is high once you use the Proxy Khel site.

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