With the kids gone back to school, you can comfortably visit your dentist. You can now schedule for dental procedures and plan on maximizing your dental benefits. These benefits aid both in paying fees for your dental care and in sustaining your healthy smile. It is only fair to benefit individually from your oral health plan. The following tips should increase your benefits while minimizing your out of pocket bills.
Understanding The Plan’s Reimbursements And Restrictions
All united concordia dental ppo insurance plans come with unique recompenses and terms. You should know of all these before receiving any service in order to avoid unwanted expenses. Aside from your member’s handbook, you can make use of online resources to understand your benefits and limitations. You can also track all claims and unutilized benefits online. Note that, dental offices deal with insurances daily and they cannot schedule for everyone’s regular appointments perfectly. Therefore, even though they will always tell you all the information you need to know concerning your insurer, you should seek some information independently. Alternatively, you should opt to consult your insurer’s customer services directly and find out about the following pertaining to your dental plan:
- Annual maximum benefit
- Annual deductible amount
- Maximum number of X-rays allowed annually
- The maximum number of fluoride treatments covered annually
- The maximum number of cleaning procedures covered annually
- The maximum number of exams covered annually

Take Advantage Of Your Dental Benefits
Dental plans cover a wide range of oral procedures. In a quest to utilize your benefits depending on your oral needs, you should consider particular plans that care for clients with other conditions. For instance, some plans offer extra cleanings for clients with periodontal disease, kidney conditions, cancers, and type II Diabetes among others. This is because of the great connection between oral and general health. Insurers cover 100% of regular dental checkups that also help to curb serious ailments. Proper preventive dental care improves your work performance by minimizing emergency visits and costly dental procedures. Hence, you must never delay dental treatments.
Request A Pretreatment Estimate
Whenever you are up for major dental procedures, you should ask your dentist to send an estimate of the treatment before working on you. This does not assure payment but it enables the dental office to come up with an exact cost before you complete your treatment. The pretreatment statement also informs about restrictions, maximum benefits obtained and waiting for durations.
Visit In-Network Dentists
For the best benefits, you should purpose to visit dentists who are in-network with your insurer. This is because some dental insurance covers use several networks. Some dentists also subscribe to several networks. For instance, United concordia ppo dental providers operate in-network with many insurance plans. We are dedicated to offering quality and comfortable dental care at reasonable costs. We also want to help you seize all opportunities for utilizing your insurance and satisfy your oral health needs.
Keep Current Dental Insurance On File
Consult with our united concordia ppo staff if you want to understand the best ways of utilizing your dental coverage. Even so, for accuracy, you must provide us with your filed current dental insurance. In addition, you should inform us when you change your jobs or dental insurance plan. Above all, giving us a copy of your benefits will help us in retrieving and submitting accurate benefits and claims properly.

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