SharePoint is huge, with more than 100 million users as well as 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies using some of its version. It transformed how businesses organize, share and store documents. Also, the platform has contributed hugely to the paperless movement in the business sector. As organizations continue shifting form physical filing cabinets to virtual document libraries, the hassles of paper would soon become a thing of the past. SharePoint development services continue to be in demand these days.

Majority of business processes revolve around documents that need approvals and signatures. Even if the document workflows begin in SharePoint, they would probably fall to paper when a signature is required. This causes frustrating delays and result in more paper-related expenses, which inhibit organizations from really embracing end-to-end digital workflows. The great thing is that there is now the E-signatures.

E-signatures have gone mainstream and play a major role to achieve a paperless office. They enable business users as well as decision makers to have documents of all kinds electronically signed. In regulated organizations, e-signatures enables businesses to acquire unprecedented control over and visibility to their operations, which result from keeping processes thoroughly electronic. Furthermore, e-signatures actually offer stronger legal defense than possible with paper since electronic signatures are backed by electronic evidence, something that is not possible in the world of paper.

In developing SharePoint solutions, there are so many SharePoint development tools that could be used. E-signature add-ons, or so called ‘connectors’ offer convenience of adding proven electronic signature capabilities directly to enterprise apps that the development teams use on a daily basis. The e-SignLive for SharePoint is a pre-integrated electronic signature solution for millions of users of the Microsoft platform around. Through providing e-signature capabilities directly inside SharePoint, one could keep the workflows of document completely digital. Moreover, this helps avoid the hassles of paper. Documents like NDAs and sales contracts stored in the SP libraries could be directly sent to customers, suppliers, partners and internal members of the team for electronic signing.

E-signatures or electronic signatures are the next step in the evolution of SharePoint. By making sure that processes remain 100 percent digital, one could help keep the business moving and projects track. Often, businesses implement the Microsoft platform for immediate needs, like document management and collaboration to enhance on what businesses are doing nowadays. With business-critical applications, such as the e-SignLive, organizations could maximize the investment and boost the power of SharePoint via adding e-signatures to the existing SP document workflows.

For a SharePoint user looking to technology to replace paper-based and manual processes, look no further than e-signatures. The combination of SharePoint and e-SignLive helps boost business productivity since one could spend more time on actual project work and less time in gathering and keeping track of signatures. Integration with SharePoint could help hasten the processing by 25 percent, which eliminates all document handling, which include shipping and courier expenses and most of all, speeding up the decision-making process.

Electronic signature add-ons bring strong document signing and enhanced workflow capabilities to the SharePoint platform. With pre-installed signature connector, documents could be routed successfully for electronic signing with the use of the SP workflows. As soon as the document is signed, it will be automatically stored back into SharePoint, together with a detailed audit trail.

Before electronic signatures were recognized legally, all contracts have to be signed, shipped, faxed and filed in paper form. Every step in the process ate up money and time and makes no sense now to continue with the costlier and slower paper-based method. The tree key benefits of using electronic signatures are the following.

1. Increased speed of contract. Take into consideration how a healthcare contract management software could use e-signatures to hasten time-sensitive contracts, which critically affect patient care. Health care professionals, just like professionals in almost any industry have enough to worry without having to wait for paperwork to be passed around before the needed contract is in place. A digital signature is good for the life of the contract. Negotiations could be hastened since every step in the process could be easily accessed and authenticated by all the parties, so critical issues could be tracked and flagged internally until finalization.

2. Improve security. Another benefit of e-signatures is that with digital encryption, there is no worry on security compared to paper. This is because paper could be tampered easily. Contract management software that has electronic signing capability could detect even minor altering automatically. Moreover, it could record more data points compared to paper.

3. Lower cost of transaction. Beyond the already discussed savings on cost, the automated processes of e-signing could also lower the financial impact on human error, like signing mistakes that could seriously slow the process down or cause eventual expensive problems if undetected at the start.

Moreover, an electronic signing software could give alerts on suspicious records or compliance concerns that are involved with a contract. Electronic signatures ascertain that everything is in order, thus saving cost of fixing problems, which could have been prevented. Not to mention that obvious savings on things like copying, paper, packaging and shipping. While these costs may appear minimal, they sure could add up.

SharePoint’s eSignLive is very particular regarding security. The features include the following:

1. Password protect the signed documents.
2. Sign and share documents in minutes.
3. Select signatures of different kinds.
4. Available audit trails feature.
5. Possible integration with different software.

Adopting electronic signatures has been a game-changer for many business organizations. It enables them to cut on costs, boost efficiency, accelerate cycle times and enhance the customer experience. Adopting the aforementioned e-signature app and feature of Microsoft SharePoint could be an easy and quick decision. Besides, it does not need any additional programming resources.

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Ritesh Mehta works as a senior Technical Account Manager in a software development company named TatvaSoft Australia based in Melbourne. He specializes in Agile Scrum methodology, Marketing Ops (MRM) application development, SAAS & SOA application development, Offshore & Vendor team management. Also, he is knowledgeable and well-experienced in conducting business analysis, product development, team management and client relationship management.