Most of us are running around with a long to-do list in our heads. Maybe you’re organized and have written yours down on paper or your computer. Action is important because without it, nothing would happen.

But… are you leveraging your actions for maximum results?

Even the most efficient people may not achieve their ideal results if they haven’t taken the time to be intentional about the impact they want their actions to have.

For instance, Tammy is a small business owner who is very clear that she wants to double her profits this year. She has implemented some of the marketing strategies that she’s learned from marketing experts.

Tammy complained that while she takes all the right actions, her business clientele is not growing at anywhere near the rate she desires. When I asked her if she was deliberately setting intentions about what she wanted from the implementation of each strategy, she told me that she wasn’t.

Going through all the right motions is the typical way most people feel when checking things off their list. The key to Tammy’s results is to believe that every inspired action she takes and strategy she implements will yield the impact she intends. Then, before each action she takes she would ask, “For the sake of what am I taking this action?”

If you don’t know exactly what you want from taking the action, how can you optimally strategize what you’re doing?

You can’t!

When I write articles, I always set an intention about what I want you, the reader, to feel, shift, or do as a result of reading it. When I send an email as a freebie gift, I ask myself what I want the recipient to feel, how many people I want to opt-in, and what their next step would be.

Every action I take is infused with my intentions and my desired end result. I also think about how I want to feel before, during and after the action.

All of this takes less than a minute to do in my head, but it’s a total game changer!

Knowing specifically why I am taking an action and being connected to my feelings while performing the action yield me magical results. Just going through the motions takes up my time and yields disappointment.

While being intentional about each action you take seems simple, most business owners aren’t doing it. Or maybe you do it with only the actions you “think” will manifest the BIG results. What baby steps can you take right now to deliberately maximize your results?

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