One might think that this article is targeted at spiritual seekers, but you would be wrong. What do I mean when I say matter is not solid, time is not linear and death is not the end, and what does this have to do with your life, business and health? If you have the time, confidence, courage and faith to trust me and read this full page, I have a treat for you at the end.

Before I get into the meat of the matter, pun intended, detach for a moment and assume that the hypothesis stated above is correct, and further assume that I am about to connect you to the global experts to prove it. If matter is not solid but pure energy, as Einstein proved, and if time can be folded as the brainiac described, then I submit that if we drop the previously held illusions and axioms about the nature of reality that inhibit break through technology, it might just make for explosive innovations to solve our most pressing national and global challenges in how we design the future of energy; redesign the transportation industry; or structure the health care industry (and not waste our time on upside down and inside out legislation that doesn't address health, but rather insurance).

How I came about to conduct these interviews was not something I planned. It was also not something designed to be a radio show and certainly not a social internet community or a global movement. That was then, but now, that is precisely what I am doing. I call it the Essence rEvolution. You see, a terrible thing happened to me back in January 2000 ... I broke my neck. I'll skip the details (but I promise you will get the story and it is gripping, painful, and fascinating to say the least) and stay focused on what I discovered. In order to learn how to walk and talk and chew gum again, I had to embark on a circuitous path that was neither easy, or by design. Call it "my Way" - the journey I took. In order to overcome years of pain and suffering and understand how the heck I left my body and watched it while I floated from above, I embarked on a quest. It took me eight years.

During my quest I met Dr. Rick Levy, who helped heal my neck and remove the pain that no surgeon or pharmacist could do. Listen to my CNN interview with Dr. Rick to learn about the healing power within. You see, Dr. Rick did this from two thousand miles away as I laid in my bed. If you don't believe Dr. Rick, listen to the interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza, he broke his back in five places and did the same thing. What these people are doing is manipulating energy, which brings me back to Einstein and my interview with Professor Frank Wilczek, who won the 2004 Nobel Prize in physics. What Professor Frank will tell you is that Einstein did NOT write E=MC^2. He was trying to understand what mass was, not energy, and he wrote M=E/C^2. Understanding this simple juxtaposition of the equation changes EVERYTHING! It changes the focus, you see Einstein proved that mass is nothing but pure energy. As Professor Frank will tell you, what we think of as being solid is actually 99.9999999 percent .... empty space. Ah, but space is not empty, it is actually filled with energy. One physicist told me that there is enough energy in a gallon container of space to boil all the oceans in the world. This is called the Unified Field of energy, and Einstein spent the last thirty years of his life trying to understand it, for which he was roundly criticized for wasting the best years of his life. Now this led me to interview Lynn McTaggart.

Read about Lynn, world renowned researcher and author of The Field and The Intention Experiments. Lynn became famous for her work on "What Doctors Don't Tell You", AKA

Lynn's extensive research, part of which is shared in my interviews, provides deep insights into this Field of energy, its potential and how the power of our mind does this. All this mental and electrical gymnastics led me to research brainwaves and conduct a show or two on the power of our minds. But alas, I will stop with the links, or you could spend a year on this site. That would be quite a shortcut if you did, since he took me eight years to collect it!

Now lets wrap this up and come back to life, health and business. Is it possible to harness this field of energy and create powerful sources of regenerative and renewable energy? Yes, they are working on it in the deep dark labs ... for military applications. Might it be possible to harness this energy and create tens of thousands of medical practitioners and help Dr. Rick and Dr. Joe create an army of healers that don't need as many pills, procedures or equipment that bankrupts you or disturbs the holistic nature of your mind body spirit connection? Yes, but that is not approved by any health insurance company or the AMA. Will you read about any of this in the main stream media, energy legislation or health care reform bills? I'll let you figure that out.

So what does this have to do with God, spirituality or religion? Aha! You're starting to think and connecting the dots and that is why this story is only just beginning. Follow me on Twitter @ JDMessinger, or join the JD Messinger Fan Club on Facebook and stay connected to hear, read and participate in my journey called The Way. Better yet, subscribe to my free newsletter and get it straight from the short messenger who likes to talk and write and tell stories (that would be me). Register on the site for free and get access to listen and use much of the content that is all free to the public.

Now for the treat. Yes, I tantalized you with a lot of juicy tidbits and yes, I did that by design. You see, I am a budding writer, budding radio host, and last year my leadership business was crushed, Hurricane IKE blew the roof off my house and winds out of my sails, and my 401k plummeted like everyone else. It's now is a 101k in value, or 601k if those first two numbers were supposed to represent years of effort. In any case, I need your help! If you like this material, then please purchase the podcasts or become a monthly member.

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Live long and prosper, by being good and doing good (that's the interview with Dr. Stephen Post).

(C) 2009 by JD Messinger

Author's Bio: 

J.D. Messinger is the former Chief Executive Officer of Ernst & Young Consulting (Singapore) and Cap Gemini E&Y (South East Asia). A global expert on the energy industry and a global thought leader on change, and adaptation, JD was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy by the U.S. Secretary of the Navy and was one of 37 Distinguished Graduates. He was a fireman, nuclear engineer and qualified submarine officer in the United States Navy submarine fleet and served on three submarines during the Cold War.

In 1986 he joined Exxon and served in various executive management positions including supply, distribution, transportation, bulk terminal and truck fleet operation and fuel products pricing, analyzing macro and micro supply and demand factors. As a crisis leader JD successfully supervised an 850-person team and a fleet of 125 ships and aircraft, cleaning over 1,000 miles of Alaskan shoreline after the Valdez oil spill.

In 1995, JD joined Ernst & Young LLP (U.S) and became a partner managing global supply chain, outsourcing and systems implementations projects for clients such as Royal Dutch Shell, Phillips Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Engen Oil, the Singapore Ministry of Defence, the Singapore Prime Minister, Maybank and Wal-Mart. In 1998 he moved to Singapore and as the director of the energy, chemical and utilities industry sector, gew the business twenty fold in two years. He then became the CEO for Ernst & Young Consulting Singapore and in 2000, after the Cap Gemini acquisition, JD was appointed CEO of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (South-East Asia) where he was responsible for all IT and management consulting services. In this capacity, he served as a key advisor for innovation and economic development for the Singapore Prime Ministers Office as well as numerous national statutory boards and government ministries in Singapore, Malaysia and China. After September 11, 2001 JD became a senior advisor to the Singapore Ministry of Defence on innovation and helped design and develop adaptive response capabilities.

In January 2003, JD founded the Essence group of companies which provide informational, educational and entertaining offerings to accelerate personal, corporate and global evolution. A renowned speaker, JD has presented and spoken to tens of thousands of people on preparing for the unexpected and how to develop creative, flexible and innovative teams to solve complex national and global challenges.

He has been featured in such major publications as the Business Times, New Straits Times, and Far East Economic Journal. He has presented live on CNBC Asia "Power Chiefs" special, global Discovery Channel and numerous times on Channel News Asia, including a special show where he was featured as the IT Person of the Week.

JD is a talented and gifted creator, inventor, and writer and has created, produced and hosted his own television show, radio shows and invented a series of internationally successful leadership games. JD is a lover of science, math, evolutionary theories and philosophy. His favorite pastimes include research, travel, scuba diving, fencing and yoga.