Maternal separation anxiety is experienced when a mother besieged the feeling of guilt at the thought of a short-term separation with her kid. Who says that separation anxiety is just for kids? It is in fact that a lot of us parents have this feeling of acutely nervous when our child begins school or leaves the house.

At times, we parents worry about our child's adjustment or simply just missing spending time with him/her. This feeling is completely normal, and the good thing is that there are certain ways we can alleviate our stress when our child is away.

Staying busy by filling up your hours or even days with activities that requires mobility can help you forget about the separation.

Enjoy your time alone. Becoming a parent deprives you of your "me-time". Now is the chance to pamper yourself while you child is away. Do the yoga, go on a spa, and watch a movie with your husband, bond with your girl friends.

Don't make your child feel guilty of leaving you. Show a positive attitude. Parental separation anxiety can transfer to the children and tends contribute to their anxiety too.
Be enthusiastic and be proud of your child's activities.

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Grace Abonillo is graduate of Business Administration major in Economics. But is working under the field of Marketing. Working as a Social Media Manager for a Mobile Solutions company based in Dallas, Texas. Doing some part-time work as a writer and photographer.

Grace is a work-at-home single mother. She is frustrated chef who loves to cook for her loved ones. She loves spending her free time with her daughter watching movies, travelling out of town or simply sleeping at home.