When poison is worshiped as though it is nectar and when everyone yearns to attain it, transformation becomes very difficult. When loss is thought to be beneficial and since it becomes difficult to deeply understand benefit and is instead looked upon as a loss then to correct erroneous understanding becomes very difficult. In ancient times at least beliefs were true. People walked on the royal path then but today things are topsy-turvy. Those people who have gone astray think themselves correct and ask others to follow their ways. Immediate benefits have become the be all and end all of life. No one has any time to think of the repercussions one will face later. To execute vile actions even time, effort, daring etc is required. Without daring one cannot even loot someone. Danger has definitely to be faced by one who acts despicably. No less dire situations have to be faced by one who acts criminally yet one fails to understand why there is a widespread belief today that those who imbibe truth and goodness always reap losses. According to them lowliness only is beneficial. It is seen that those who act criminally make handsome profits. Such people do not understand that farsighted thinking is required wherein profits that accrue due to criminal/vile activities result in addictions to drugs etc, ill fame and that ultimately such undesirable fruits are faced that one’s friends, relatives etc too face a harsh downfall and defeat. It seems as though people who run after this mirage or who like deer run after musk is virtually dying out of tiredness and wrath. Success earned via tainted means may not immediately manifest danger but sooner or later such dire situations have to be faced that it becomes difficult to escape them. But what can one say or do about those who are very shortsighted and have no time or inclination to think farsightedly? Ahead there are so many boulders and craters which one is unaware of. If one falls in this pit once no one will give a helping hand and while cursing everyone one will face fearful death. In these days this is what is seen. Devoid of ethics, success gained due to modern science has created such a delusion that people walk on the tainted path and ultimately face downfall. If the trend is going to remain thus man and world society will reap such dire results which will be very difficult to ward off. So called development and progress will prove to be more expensive than regression.

Who should be blamed for problems, undesirable elements, mockeries that have entered in every field of life? And where should one look for a solution? Regarding this one can grossly say that materialism born in the womb of tangible proof refuses to accept the utility value and need of ethics, ideals etc. Such erroneous thinking proclaims that only that which is tangibly proved and as a result which gives immediate benefits will be imbibed. Only that which reaps immediate material benefits will be accepted. Over here high ideals like ethics, good will, generosity, self control etc have no place. This philosophy of tangible proof has encouraged man to behave in an unruly willful manner. That tradition has been shattered which lauds human glory asked mankind to imbibe self control and give up despicable thinking and activities.

Comforts may seem pleasurable. Time and again it may be required. But even this fact must be realized that without mutual faith, good will, cooperation, imbibing ethics etc sensitivity and love for one another will not manifest and hence without all this we will not benefit others. One should always imbibe justice and material comforts that accrue from unwholesome activities must be shunned. Without this peace will not prevail everywhere.

If we study the history of past 100 years it becomes clear that so called progress has given hardships to majority of people. Science can successfully say that it has augmented material comforts yet in the soul/peace arena it has failed miserably. One can say that many revolutions have taken place in many arenas but can we say that we have attained ultimate long lasting bliss and joy?

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