Material Recycling Facility (MRF) is a plant which stores, segregates and collects waste products to be used for recycling to create a new product. Waste materials are being separated in the facility before it is being sold to the market or recycled. Instead of storing waste materials to landfills, material recycling facility aids the land depletion issues because of landfills. The waste materials which are collected and stored will be used in the future as raw materials for reprocessing and remanufacturing to a new product. Improper waste management is also being solved in having MRF in almost every city. Garbage have different types as well which includes, paper, plastic, bottles, glass, aluminum or ferrous containers.

The sorting of the waste materials in the facility can be manual or mechanical. The traditional way of sorting is manual but is found inefficient since it is slower to process and may missed certain container types that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Whereas, mechanical or automated sorting in the Material Recycling Facility offers faster processing and lower labor cost since almost every process is being done in the machine. It also has greater material recovery and can target new materials if the machines are updated or add more sensors in it. Although it is said that some automated process still needs to be studied further and manual operation is more reliable in terms of the quality in separating the waste materials. There are different processes in the material recycling facility and it is not limited to a certain procedure. Screening and classification are included in the procedure.

Aside from the resolving waste management issues, material recycling facility also aid in processing waste and converting it to natural energy. Most of the recyclable waste material can be an ingredient in the waste-to-energy process. Gasification which produces green energy that is considered as environment-friendly, is the process that is being done to produce energy from waste materials. The energy that was processed can be used as electricity to homes and fuel to vehicles. By having the material recycling facility near or within the gasification plant lessens the cost of transportation compared if trash will be collected from landfills. Alternative solution for waste management gives us hope in eliminating trash in our planet. Instead of relying to compost our trash in landfills, material recycling facilities gives a new look to waste. The waste materials are being separated and prepare it to be sold in the market as it is or as raw materials to produce a very beneficial product that everyone can use.

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