I am a victim of material obesity ,in 25 years he has gained 36kg and added a million to his wealth. Is obesity directly proportional to material wealth?

"The richer we get, the wider is the waistline. Wider waistline was long considered as sign of great wealth."

Before the industrial revolution the Kings, lords and business men had the wealth and could afford to eat and were called fat cats. Even the family size was bigger, 1 person earned and fed 6-8 people .educating the children took priority over food . Saving was the concept. Ration was the way of life right from going out to a restaurant or to the theatre or any outing.

The industrial revolution not only brought wealth to the middle class but also Obesity to the common man. Food became cheaper relative to income and available at call. Our life has also become sedentary.

Today both the parents work and have a smaller family size. Disposable income is more. Overall it has become a spending economy .Once or twice a week outing is a must especially to the food joint. One movie a month in the theater with Nachos is the order of the day. Attending birthday parties at restaurants instead of home has become a trend.

Very few people follow the motto of living" work eight hours a day and walk to the park, Work out at the gym and take time eat the healthy dinner with wife. "

Most people practice work twelve to fourteen hours a day, eat our fatty food in our cabin or cubicle and glance into the gym window on our drive home.

On weekends very few people visit a beach or a park or a hill resort and display their abs and vital statistics.

Most people go beach resort and do not enjoy the nature or show their abs but sit inside the resort answering emails and eating junk food and add to the flab

We take membership in the clubs and associations but we do not use the Gym or Sports facilty. We spend time in the restaurant for networking with friends and business associates having a three course fat rich meal.

In a month we attend 3 – 4 seminars On one side we listen to wealth generation or managing wealth. Whether we generate wealth or not we definitely add to our body weight by eating the fatty food served after the seminar.

Fast food chains are in the nook and corner and even caters to home delivery. We need not leave our place of work and continue making wealth or at home enjoying IPLT20 or the Saas Bahu serial .

Today both the parents go to work and children tend to become overweight and obese as they enjoy eating junk food and sit in one place in a a/c room either before the TV watching serials or before the computer on the internet chatting.

There is no cure for this obesity unless we spend time other than creation of wealth. It is recommended to spend time on sports activity or Yoga or any other physical activity of your choice and you will see that you need not pay a price for excess baggage.

Friends it is high time you all check out your wealth obesity quotient and BMI and do not become a victim like me. Or else whenever you meet a friend he will not talk looking at your face but looking at the pot belly and talk about your prosperity.

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Venkatraman is a multi talented Person whose Philosophy of life is four dimension - Personal , Professional , spiritual and Giving back to society. "Be flexible and give time as per the need of the day"
He is a Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountatnt hailing from Mumbai,
He established along with his wife Neela who is also a Chartered Accountant a IT Business solution firm " Mohd Al Humaidi Computers LLC (Mahce)"in 1991 in Dubai
MAHCE is a IT Business Solution Provider to Business houses in UAE, Middle East and African countries.
he is a humble beginner in giving back to society with his initiative www.education4all.info .His Initiatives serves in the field of education and SAVING THE PLANET
He is a Rotarian
He is a member of IBPC and Dubai Chamber of Commerce
He is a member of ICAIDubai and a member of CSR committee ICAIDubai
He is a competent communicator and Competent leader of toastmaster International USA
He is also a Poet and published for private circulation from 2010 " SEEDS OF THOUGHT , BEADS OF THOUGHT, PEARLS OF THOUGHT
He is an amateur Painter
and also a humble beginner in giving back to society with his initiative www.education4all.info .