Now it is the summer holiday, which is also the great season for you to travel around. Unloading the heavy pressures on your mind, let relaxation flow throughout your body; you just package the necessities and set off for your desired destination to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of other unfamiliar places.

Whether the dazzling sunshine or pouring rains, either one makes the world vivid and lively. The summer is just the kind of combination of two whether. Therefore it is a good time to demonstrate the natural beauty and charms. For our ladies, summer is also ready for you to showcase your beauty and charms. So what are you waiting for?

The jewelry you wear when travelling around will keep you in good moods and display another kind of charms. It can match with different decorations to experiment for various styles, changing you from sweet girl to noble queen. So let your jewelry perfectly ornament your travel, such precious opportunities should be cherished. Now enjoy the travel and the jewelry!

Walk along the beach; hold the tail of sea breeze
Match law: jade, colorful crystal, and other exaggerated sorts
Beach is the first choice of summer holiday resorts; most time of summer is hot and dry, so beach where the sea and breeze always bring coolness for visitors is a proper place. No matters in the sea or on the beach, ladies are only dressed swimming suits and jewelry, in this situation; you have to choose bling jewelry with flamboyant color and neat luster.

Translucent crystals are well carved and in fine clarity, suitable for any kind of beach towel in soft touch. Although the crystals are simple, yet shiny very much; even if far from beach, people can also notice your existence. Moreover, Jade is a good choice, which can generate elegant temperament and also brings cool touch. Surely colorful big-sized earrings and bracelets are popular styles on beach. The large or exaggerated findings are kind of demonstrating your personality, which are like statements for you. All those jewelry making supplies can be achieved from online stores, of course at local craft shops. You can buy some for your gifts to friends.

Wander around old towns, appreciate ancient culture
Match law: wooden items, ivory, and ethnic styles
Contrary to the “extroversive” beach, old town is most introversive. The characteristic of old town is gentile, reserved, elegant, and folksy. Therefore the ethnic jewelry teeming with vintage feeling and primitive simplicity is very fit for this kind of travel.

Tranquil town, mysterious history and cultural exploration are topics for this travel. Wooden jewelry or hemp jewelry can offer you a comfortable feeling: clean and clear. Ivory made bracelet is full of grace, and especially ethnic jewelry dates you back to ancient times and makes you become the classical beauty. All these can be purchased in souvenir market, but you can also do it yourself. Like wholesale jewelry findings can be found many craft stores. The silver freted kind will be used to make ethnic style, while the wooden one is the material of wooden items.

There are many other topic travels; accordingly you’d better learn to match the jewelry through some tries. All the match laws are collected from jewelry fans’ experience.

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