Do you want to enjoy the advantages of the rich and famous? Join a mastermind group. For centuries, wealthy people kept their dream teams, a secret ingredient for success, carefully hidden from the general public. In "Think and Grow Rich," Napolean Hill exposed this powerful formula for greater success and happiness. Today, hundreds of thousands of individuals have used a mastermind group to gain amazing, rapid results.

A mastermind group is similar to a think tank composed of people whose opinions you respect. Your new team members will have goals and values similar to yours, and the entire group will recognize the benefits of helping manifest the dream of every single member.


Why does a mastermind work so well and so consistently?

• Members reach their highest goals because they receive unconditional acceptance, encouragement and support. Every person has a vested interest in the success of other members so every individual receives a wealth of new ideas and feedback. New resources are consistently unveiled.
• In a creative, fun and energizing way that sustains motivation, a mastermind creates accountability. Each member is consistently reminded of their short- and long-term goals.
• Mastermind participants nudge each other to accept personal responsibility for their happiness and success. Members help each other notice and correct "blind spots" such as blaming others, comparing their progress to others, and judging challenges in a negative way instead of perceiving them as learning opportunities.
• All of us have many contributions to make to others' lives, and giving is one of life's greatest pleasures. Mastermind group members offer their gifts freely to others without worrying about receiving a return . . . and they are fascinated by the rich rewards they receive.


Many physicians and physicists have measured and described the vibrations, electromagnetic fields, and electrical information patterns in our bodies. Even when we are not aware of it, we are constantly influenced by the energy of those around us. After your best friend becomes involved in a new relationship, it may seem as if she has altered her identity. As her relationship stabilizes, you observe that both your friend and her new partner act, think, and speak more like a combined aspect of themselves than either of their previous personalities.

Two separate individuals originally vibrate at a specific, distinct frequency. When they combine their efforts, they produce a new (third) frequency. Just as a tuning fork intensifies or prolongs the sound of a note on a piano, individuals change in the presence of others.

When you and I engage in a mastermind, you bring your perspectives, knowledge, skills, and energy to the project; and I bring mine. Our joint access to the realm of infinite intelligence is so powerful that, as long as our intentions are to benefit (and not harm) humanity, we have access to far greater resources than either of us as single individuals. The increased energy available—the synergistic effect—is available to everyone in our mastermind group. Physicists describe this as a third invisible, intangible, and very powerful force similar to a "third mind." (This is what Napolean Hill called a "mastermind.").


Periodically, the group will reach an optimistic, productive state of mind they'll want to reconnect with any time they choose. (This is the group's energy vortex.) When that happens, each member can create a personal "anchor," such as touching the thumb on one hand to the index finger on the same hand while being aware of the feel-good endorphins that have been created by the group.

Each member should use a personal anchor to create an associative neural pathway in their brain so they can re-access this positive energy state later as desired. A skilled mastermind coach encourages group members to feel their optimistic condition as a group, while using their physical anchors, for the ideal minimum time to initiate a positive new neural network in the brain. This action also creates a powerful alpha or alpha-theta brainwave state. The coach who understands neuroscience also teaches members how to easily reconnect with the group's positive energy later.

Increasing the multisensory nature of this experience will make it even more valuable as an ongoing tool. For maximum benefit, all members should:
• develop an individualized, pleasant visual image they can associate with the group experience and recall later at will.
• smell or imagine smelling pleasant scents.
• feel textures, such as the surfaces of their thumbs and index fingers as they touch them.
• notice pleasant sounds, words, or phrases associated with this time in the group's process.


Collaboration is an unlimited free resource. If we both have a dollar and we exchange our money, each of us still only has one dollar. However, if you have one idea and I have another and we exchange ideas, each of us now has two ideas. The more we share, the more we have.

We live in an incredible time in which you can identify your passions and create a life of abundance in all ways -- from spiritual to monetary. Join a mastermind group today. Your new friends will gently alert you to your blind spots, help you overcome challenges and teach you the secrets of success. You'll access Universal intelligence and you'll be thrilled with your new level of creativity.

Gain a big breakthrough right now by signing up for a free test drive of a mastermind group. Just go to and select the free session of your choice.

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When you work with Doris, you gain a certified coach and mentor coach with a proven track record of empowering clients. Doris Helge, Ph.D. understands how the human brain works (it defaults into fear). Doris' mastermind groups are unique because she uses sound science (neuroscience). Her approach guarantees that you always feel safe and supported to move toward your goals with joy and ease.

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