"10. Mastering inner confidence through breathing
Originating in Hawaii, ha breathing is an excellent tool for increasing your inner confidence. With a little practice each day it will help you develop greater self-confidence by building up air energy that can be redirected round the body.
Sit down somewhere quiet each day and do some ha breathing for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. Move into a place where you will not be disturbed. Take a deep breath in through the nose, filling your lungs completely. Then exhale through the mouth, loudly whispering the word 'Haaaa'. This will give you the confidence and energy to achieve anything you want to throughout the day.

11. Self-awareness and realisation
Learn to know your mind and know your body and soul. Be aware when you are self-manifesting your bipolar and negative thoughts. Make a conscious decision to be positive. If you feel yourself slipping into a negative mindset, then stand up straight and tall and tell yourself that you are special - make a conscious decision to change your attitude.
Even small changes in outlook have a cumulative effect over time: if you make a one-degree shift in your attitude once a day then it is amazing how far you will have progressed after a few weeks, a few months, 6 months and a year or two."

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Jason Pegler went through a bipolar disorder at the age of 17 and wanted to write a book about his own experience.
He decided as well to build his own book publishing company to give a voice to anyone who has experimented a mental health disease.
He won the "Upstarts Awards" in 2005 for the Best Young Entrepreneur.