Goal achievement is really a very simple process: persistently take your best action for what you want until you arrive at your goal. As simple as this seems, very few actually employ the process to achieve really big goals. The key to using the goal achievement process to make your greatest dreams come true is practice.

Goal achievement is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be mastered. The process of mastering any skill involves practice. The more you practice the skills of goal achievement, the more of your dreams come true, and the more proficiently and confidently you make them come true.

Goal achievement is the fruition of a step-by-step process that is totally reliable. Whatever your goal, it involves the same basic steps, the same basic skills.

Goal Achievement Skill 1: Know What You Want To Achieve

The first step in any goal achievement process is to know the goal that you want to achieve. This involves thinking about what you want, letting your fantasies of success and accomplishment take flight, until you come up with something you deeply desire to make happen in your life.

Each time that you direct your imagination in this way, you grow in goal achievement mastery: are gaining control of your mind and developing your capacity to envision what you intend.

Goal Achievement Skill 2: Write It Down

Once your goal achievement vision occurs to you, the next step is to write it down and commit to taking further action for it. Writing a verbal description of your goal is a skill that develops with practice. It also constitutes an action-step that advances you toward your goal. To deliberately put pen to paper to write something down is to take action for what you want, and that essentially is the goal achievement process.

Goal Achievement Skill 3: Think Up An Action-Step

The next step is to think about one more action you can take to move the goal achievement process forward. This engages your capacity for creative thinking. Many believe that they are not creative. What they don't realize is that holding onto this belief is in and of itself creative - it creates their blockage!

To come up with an idea for action requires trust, patience and focused openness:

* Trust that an idea will occur to you
* Remain patient until it occurs to you
* With your attention gently focused on your goal as you remain open to an idea occurring.

Eventually, it will. That is how the mind works.

Goal Achievement Skill 4: Follow Through Or Revise

After you come up with your idea, the next step is to follow through on it, to actually take the action. If for any reason you do not follow through on it, revise your idea by breaking it down into steps or stages of action until you arrive at a first step that you can and actually do follow through on.

Each time that you practice this skill, your ability to come up with realistic actions will grow, making the process of goal achievement quicker and easier for you.

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