I talk about Golf because that's what I am but golf relates so much to lots of life. To get better you must be better. It doesn't just happen by itself. You have to know your goal and turn your life in the direction that will achieve that goal. Golf takes practice & positive thinking. Life success takes practice and positive thinking. You are what you think. Think the best and the best will happen.

My heart so went out to Joanna Rochette. During this years Olympics after Joanna's mother had passed away unexpectedly, she found that place that was safe and away from the stress and distractions that circumstances had dealt her. Her mother taught her to be strong, have a goal and want it bad enough that she would stay on track. I understood the place she was at. On the ice was the place that we was closest to her mom and their joint goals, good for her! The only way to be at that place is practice. Lot's of it!!!!

I had a professional tell me one time that a good golf game is like a good marriage. You must work on all parts of the game to have a a great relationship. Your golf game is similar. Give ample time to all parts of your game. More to the parts you are having difficulty with and always a little to the parts that are working. Unfortunately this can change from game to game but a good practice routine will keep all parts of your tuned.


A great golf swing just happens. You think more about where that ball is going then the mechanics of the swing to get it there. That doesn't mean you're thinking about your next shot. It just means the swing is automatic and your focus is your target. Just trust your swing and let it fly. It really works! When in your zone, you know without a doubt that the ball will go where you want. You just do it! In life, don't sweat the small details. Know your goal, take the steps you can to get there and you will end up there eventually. Mistakes do not prevent you from succeeding. They can, if you let them, make you better.

The best results comes from lots of practice and confidence. How do you develop confidence? Practice bringing positive results, followed by practice bring positive results and finally more practice bringing positive results!

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I'm a golf professional by trade and a life coach by heart. Golf has taught me a lot my life and how I can make it better. I have a great husband, great kids and am so fortunate to be able to do what I love, with the people I love as often as I want. Life's good!

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