“Plan for the worst and Hope for the best”

You must have probably heard this quote.
Unfortunately many people go just opposite. They make plan where they consider all situations and factors in their favor.
Being optimistic is very good but not while you are planning. Making a workable plan means you think what worst can happen and make provisions to counter the probable damage. The basic purpose of making a plan is using your resources to optimum level and minimizing the faults. When you think of all favorable situations while making plans, the outcome is a weak plan. If such a plan is executed, you can imagine what kind of results will be achieved.
The other category of people is those who always think of the bad results. These poor pessimists spoil their health due to worry and also spoil the mood of others by their negativity.
When we are hoping for something to happen that means you are waiting for some result to be declared by someone else after you have done your bit. The match has been played and the players are waiting for the announcement of result. The examinations are over and students are waiting for the results. Now keeping yourself worried will not yield any results. Being optimistic here will make you feel happy at least.

I wish to amend the quote in questions as this –

“Plan for the worst,
Act on your plan
Accept the results (reality)
And move on to next plan”

Let me explain about the additional text here-

Act on your plan A plan is like a blueprint. If we have made a blueprint it does not mean that the buildings are ready. Someone has to work on the blueprint to construct the buildings.
So action has no substitute if desired results are warranted. Plan alone will not bring the desired results. A plan has got a limited value only. Its full potential is in using it by way of actions. If it is your plan and if you give any importance to it, why not act on it and enjoy the results. (Who else will act on your plan?) Otherwise it will be kept in a tiny portion of your mind like a file or letter is kept in a big office. Yes, you may sell it or give away to someone who needs it or it may be stolen by someone.

Accept the results (reality) The results may not match with our expectation. It is the time to find out whether the plan had some lacunas or the effort was not 100% or the opponent was smarter. Whatever be the case, one has to accept the reality as it is.
But reality is often bitter and difficult to accept. We tend to interpret it with our limited viewpoint and knowledge. In this process we miss what is obvious to others/ Almighty.
Failure is hard to digest but one needs to handle it naturally. It is not very different from success. In fact success and failure are the two faces of same coin. Like a good player who plays to win with his/her best capacity but accept failure also gracefully ,ever if it is by referee’s mistake.

And move on to next plan Growth is a natural phenomenon. Stagnation is generally due to attachment to a past victory/failure or inaction due to a future failure or confident victory. Life is dynamic and everything in this universe keeps changing constantly. We can grow, only if we come out of the shackles of attachment to past or future and participate in real world. Making plans and acting on those plans are the cyclic actions of life. These are to be performed by all people, be it rich or poor, weak or strong, smart or dumb, fool or intelligent.

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Deepak Dixit is an engineering graduate from IIT,Roorkee (eartswhile University of roorkee). He has served for more than 22 years in 'Indian Army' as an officer and had taken a pre mature retirement after that.
he has also served in corporate world for about 5 years.Presently he is focusing on writing.
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