I once read a story about a boy who received a very expensive art kit from his grandparents for his birthday. He loved art so he saved the kit for when he felt like he was a better artist. Finally one day he went to get the kit and couldn’t find it. He asked his mother if she’d seen it and she said, “Oh, you never used that so I figured you didn’t want it and gave it away.”

The universe works a lot like that boy’s mother. If you receive amazing gifts and then ignore them, it figures you didn’t want that and doesn’t bother sending you more. That’s why a key habit to master in life is celebration. Regularly celebrating the good in your life is an incredibly powerful way to increase the amount of good in your life. Why?

1. It forces you to notice the good. How many times have you been halfway through a meal before you even begin to slow down and taste it? To experience wonderful things you have to involve your consciousness.
2. It bonds you to those closest to you. Recent research indicated the happiest couples were those who responded positively to their partner’s success. That one factor was the strongest predictor of current and future satisfaction in the relationship. Sharing your wins allows your relationships to grow closer.
3. It shows you what you want more of. We Americans are so into keeping up with the Joneses that sometimes we aren’t sure of what it is we want most. By noticing what gets you the most excited and really lights you up, you’ll be better able to recognize the handful of things that bring you the most happiness, which will allow you and others to guide more of it your way.
4. It prevents burn-out. Life quickly becomes a joyless hamster wheel if you finish one big win and immediately turn to the next challenge with no acknowledgement or break. Taking a moment to realize what you’ve done is a major way to start the next project with fresh, positive energy.

The next time you land a big account, get a new job, receive an award or even just make a really difficult phone call, acknowledge yourself, share the news and find a way to celebrate. Your future will thank you.

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