Love sweep picking?

You're not alone!

However, many guitarists never learn unique ways to practice and master sweep picking. This keeps them from getting better over time.

I teach sweep picking using patterns that are a bit easier to digest.

I call them 2-1-2 arpeggios (they sound amazing at fast tempos).

Check out this sweep picking demonstration to see them in action:

After you are able to play basic arpeggios, what is there to work on?

Combine what you learned in the video with the tips below for unstoppable sweep picking skills:

Sweep Picking Element # 1: Precise Finger Rolling Technique

Finger rolling is an extremely useful technique for fast arpeggios.

What does finger rolling refer to?

It means you use the same finger to fret 2 or more notes on the same fret, adjacent strings.

What makes finger rolling difficult?

Having the precision to keep notes on separate strings from mixing together.

A ton of guitarists (even those who are generally fast) have problem with finger rolling and just avoid it.

But rolling is actually pretty simple when you isolate its mechanics and practice them the correct way.

Check out this video to see what I am talking about:

Sweep Picking Element # 2: Identifying Problems While Shredding

How do you spot the mistakes in your sweep picking? I’ll show you:

Pick any arpeggio shape you want to work on.

Replay this same pattern continuously. Then do the following:

Step 1: Determine the specific speed at which you begin missing notes or playing sloppy.

Step 2: Play slightly slower than the tempo you have a hard time at.

Step 3: Pay attention to just a single note within the pattern. Don't pay attention as much to the others.

Only concentrate on the note you are listening for.

Step 4: Play through this drill until you have the ability to play this single note cleanly 90 & of the time.

Step 5: Change your center of focus to another note within the pattern.

Make this note great like you did previously.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 to polish every note within the pattern.

Step 7: Play about ten beats per minute faster than the previous speed you have problem with.

Sweep Picking Element # 3: Refining Sweep Arpeggios With Speed Picking

Try using speed picking (tremolo picking) to stop on a single note within a given arpeggio pattern.

What does this help with?

There are a couple of perks:

1. Stopping on random notes with tremolo splits up the movement of the sweep picking motion. This challenges your 2-hand synchronization.

2. When you can do it quickly-- you can produce truly intimidating guitar arpeggios

Sweep Picking Element # 4: Make Arpeggios Sound Outstanding By Using Tapping

Tapping technique isn't as hard as guitar players make it out to be.

Want to know how to use it to make your sweep picking sound astonishing?

Use these easy ideas to make sweep picking with tapped notes feel effortless:

You now know how to improve your sweep picking speed. the next step is to do the same for your fretting hand. I show you how to do it in my free resource: “Get Better At Fretting Hand Finger Independence”. Get it right now & start playing faster & cleaner than you ever thought was possible.

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