Getting your driving license can be an exciting and life-changing experience but also a big responsibility. Appearing for an on-road test can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for beginners. While some people have  driving phobia, others suffer from lack of confidence and regular practice. If you want to nail the driving test this year, make it a daily habit of practising driving regularly.

The driving lessons in Carlton include some sought after tactics that will help you pass the driving test with flying colours on the first attempt.  

What All You Need to Do Before Scheduling A Road Test?

The first and foremost thing you must ensure before scheduling your driving test is that you practise on a regular basis to become an expert in the matter. It will also boost your confidence before the test. Try to get acquainted with every component of your car along with their functionalities.

Know your test routes well before you schedule your exam. Make sure you practise on major roads, country lanes, narrow lanes and streets in order to avoid nasty surprises on your test day. Learn to drive when it’s foggy, dark or even during rain. By doing this; you can conquer your fear of driving in difficult conditions.

Top 3 Driving Tactics You Should Master

You should learn these driving tactics not only to qualify in your test but also to get the best out of your on-road experience. Driving on the road can be a bit intimidating for a beginner, but with these 3 best tactics, you will be well on the way to success!

  • 3-Point & U-Turns

Often, drivers are asked to do a 3-point turn on their test. While attempting a 3point turn, make sure you give a signal before completing every motion. It's better to look at both the ways before you back up.

Be aware of the road conditions around you and avoid attempting 3point turn until you are confident enough of completing before the ongoing traffic arrives.  If in case you are asked to do a U-turn, make sure you follow the signal correctly and have ample time to complete the turn before other cars arrive.

  • Parallel Parking

This is also a common instruction while appearing for driving tests. Before you attempt parallel parking, look at the car in front of you and assume its size. Also, check how close it is to the curb. It will help you to position your car properly. While you attempt this, slow down and check your blind spot. After that, fix your right-hand side mirror to give you a clear view.

Once you are done, you are ready to park. You should master this skill for drive test preparation in Epping. If you are asked to do this, don’t forget to check for cars, pedestrians or children that may come along your way.

  • Reverse or Back Parking

Often; you will be asked to perform back parking on your driving test. Don’t fret. Reverse parking is not that difficult, provided you follow the steps carefully. At first; you should find the spot where you are willing to park. Give a signal and check the area for other vehicles. Now, ensure that your car is straight and put it in reverse. Make sure that you look behind while reversing into the parking slot. At last, check whether your car is perfectly aligned in the parking space exactly as required.  

Final Note

Hope this article has given you the best driving tactics that you will ever get. If you follow the tips carefully, no one can stop you from getting the license. If you have further doubts; you can always post your concern. 

Author's Bio: 

The author conducts driving lessons in Carlton for years and using that knowledge educates the readers on how to ace their drive test preparation in Epping.