First, I would like to thank you all for taking some of your time and sacrificing your day’s activities to come and grace this occasion. It is really a great that you have all arrived. This is indeed a great day to us and to these beloved two since from now on, they start a new episode of their life and you and I will be their witnesses to this historic moment. So I call upon you all young and old alike to help me applaud and congratulate this two for these bold step that they have taken.

We all know that marriage is one of the greatest human activity that man can ever engage in for through it we are able to further the human race and there by bringing up future generations. Marriage is truly a divinely inspired activity and for that reason, it should be treated as such. God truly made the institution of marriage really special in order for man to truly enjoy it as such; man should always take it up as a gift from a loving father, with gladness. So for that reason, we should all rejoice with these two for they have truly decided to unite and offer each other their love and affection for the rest of their lives.

The paramount act of love is committing to the one you love and the best way to do this is uniting in marriage. Marriage in itself is an adventure for those who truly love each other, those who cherish each other’s company. This adventure cannot be undertaken by one, neither can it by three. It can only be under taken by only the two who have vowed to be there for each other, through and smooth days .So am advising everyone present here, to respect the sanctity, and as the holy book says, ”for those God has brought together, let no one separate” .

Scientists have actually put it across that marriage is the highest degree of relation in the whole of animal kingdom. What this means is that marriages bring together beings that are not similar and put them together. Therefore it is without a surprise that marriages will bring a lot of disagreements between the two. Loving each other is no guarantee that the marriage will be easy yet, it is good in that once the couple disagrees they are able to resolve their differences for they have a greater thing than either of them.

So as will all rejoice together with the newlyweds, we should inspect our lives, especially those of us who have already taken the vows, see if we still hold on to what we promised our loved ones and whether we fulfill our obligations as required. If we have, it is never too late to retrace our steps and rectify wherever we went wrong. Yet this is not our day, it is our friends so let’s celebrate together with them and truly make this day one whose they will always cherish. Lastly, I want to wish them long happy lives together with abundant blessings.

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