Nothing can match the experience of speaking a foreign language like Finnish especially during a trip to its capital city of Helsinki. It is great to communicate with the natives & develop a special bond with them in the getaway. With approximately 5 million speakers across the globe, communication in Finnish is prominent in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Norway, and in some communities in the USA and Canada. Thus, learning it is an empowerment if someone travels to these countries on a regular basis.

Finnish is a difficult language to master but with proper learning resources and study materials anyone can become well-versed with it. We are presenting some easy tips and tricks to help learners of Finnish language.

Regular and online courses

The best way to learn a difficult language like Finnish is by opting for a Finnish language course in Kolkata. There are plenty of courses available that will help people master the language for travel, job, business, higher studies, personal pleasure, vacation even family or friends. The stakes are high with huge esteem, financial gains, personal satisfaction and envy being huge.

Both regular and online courses are led by instructors. They will provide lectures, tips, suggestions, topic notes, strategies, and group discussions and others which will help learners to grasp Finnish grammar and vocabulary to help them fluently and with the correct pronunciation. Remember there is no substitute to professional guidance.

Practice reading

Learners should never abstain from reading material including grammar book, a newspaper, magazines, and brochures, even others if they are looking to learn Finnish language quickly. Those articles that are short and interesting are a good choice initially but it should be done on a regular basis.

Taking help of internet

The internet is an unprecedented source of infinite knowledge. Some websites provide files and software that can be downloaded. They contain lessons on vocabulary, grammar, and accent. Learners can establish sound command over the language by reading the online learning materials and listening to the audio files of the native speakers. They just need to spend a few hours every day and practice extensively.

Online learning involves instructor-led classes like the regular courses and they provide live streaming and recoded lectures on various aspects of the language. They also answer queries and clear doubts of the students through video conferences via platforms like Skype and Google meet.


Mimicking is the process of imitating or aping a deliverance, articulation, sounds and actions of the Finnish speaker. People can imitate a character on a soap opera or documentary narrator or the voice coming from your tape player or radio. It is beneficial because it gives learners the opportunity to use their tongue while speaking the words. With regular mimicking, learners can acquire fluency, speed, and precision and can develop proficiency within a few months or weeks. However for professional assistance and learning in a systematic way, they must go for a Finnish language course in Kolkata.

Improve vocabulary

For beginners or those who are starting from scratch, making a note of simple words is a good option. It will help them to memorize as well as learn new words and phrases. They should maintain a dairy or journal and write both the English words and its Finnish version.

For example: - Good morning/Good afternoon in Finnish: Hyvää päivää
- You're welcome: Ole hyvä
-Very well thank you, and you: Kiitos hyvä, entäs itsellesi?

Follow the tips and tricks mentioned-above and opt for Finnish language course in Kolkata to gain fluency in the language in no time. With perseverance and dedication, a learner can easily overcome their deficiencies and achieve success.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is a Finnish language teaching and learning expert author and university professor. Besides writing this informative article on Finnish language course in Kolkata, she has created other interesting ones too on educational topics.