If you are starting out on a massage career, rest assured, the best is yet to come. The population is aging and educated, interest in health is exploding, and so is our collective wealth. Whether it’s to save costs, increase productivity, or because of spiritual awareness, we live in a society, where big business, government and open minded people all agree that it is vital to take a preventative and proactive approach to health that doesn’t rely on taking pills when you are sick. Millions of new people in Canada and the United States every year are jumping on the band wagon seeking out alternative pathways to meet their health needs while governments and industry are investing billions of dollars to educate us and support us through this transition.

Successful entrepreneurs such as Sam Walton teach us the importance of taking a bird’s eye view in making wise career choices. In his case he would literally go up in a helicopter to get a good look at how a city is developing when deciding on the next location of his store. What do we see happening all around us in our North American society? There is an emphasis on green living, a world that needs to take better care of itself and forward thinking people who are putting themselves in position to answer the call.

When you take a bird’s eye view of the massage industry at the start of the 21st century you can see that it is growing consistently and about to truly take off.
47 millions Americans received at least 1 massage in 2008 and that includes 2 million new people from the year before. The word is getting out in a big way, the wheels are in motion and the simple truth is that massage is one of the best things you can do to improve your health, but the ceiling is nowhere in sight. Millions more will continue to ask every year, ‘where do I sign up?’
Whether you are interested in starting your own clinic or having steady employment, being your own boss or looking to share in the wealth of health, there is room for all of you in the massage industry to do something you love and make a good living doing it.

As reported in Forbes business magazine of all places:
Massage is becoming increasingly recognized as a safe and effective alternative to drugs... Clinical studies are now proving that receiving massage on a regular basis isn't just relaxing; all that kneading, rubbing and pulling is good for your health as well.

"Massage is no longer just a stress-relief modality. People are seeking it as a preventative medicine for their health and for wellness," says Dr. Leena Guptha, president-elect of the AMTA. "Some of the immediate benefits of massage are that it reduces heart rate and blood pressure, and increases blood and lymphatic circulation."

And now the really good news

In life we all get moments where you feel like you won the lottery and that is an amazing feeling to have when it’s the work that you do everyday, and your career is something that can support your lifestyle while making a positive contribution to society.

When you choose the power of touch and massage that is exactly the kind of choice you are making. Personally, 8 years onto this path, I know that embarking on this profession is one of the best decisions I ever made. There are times when I literally feel like dancing my way to work! I live a good quality life and my clients keep coming back for more because it is plainly obvious what a difference massage makes to each of them. What’s more, there is plenty of room on the boat and right now is a perfect time to get started.

Author's Bio: 

In 2002, Shai Plonski joined Lotus Palm School and is now the senior Thai Yoga Massage teacher of Lotus Palm, working and training intensively under the founder, Kam Thye Chow. Shai has taught internationally at various reputed centers such as the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York, Jai Yoga Center in Korea and the Ritz Carlton Spa in Puerto Rico. He is also an accomplished yoga teacher and has been involved in the healing arts since 1997.