Nothing beats a slow, indulgent, massage. When it’s done well, a massage will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and rejuvenated.

What you might not know is all of the amazing benefits to your body and mind of this ancient technique. From treating injuries of high performing athletes to reducing anxiety, there are plenty of reasons why you should book in for your next treatment. We asked our friends at to find out exactly how this form of therapy can enhance our holistic well-being.

What Are The Different Types of Massage?

There are many different types of massages that are commonly offered. They range from a light touch treatment to deep tissue massage. The most popular kinds include the Swedish Massage, which encompasses gentle kneading and deep circular movements; the Deep Massage, which requires slower but more targeted and harder application; and a Sports Massage, which is specifically designed to help you recover from a sports induced injury.

Massages At Home

If you’re looking for specialist treatment, such as a sports massage, it’s always best to go to a qualified massage therapist or physiotherapist for treatment. For other forms of massage, the good news is that you don’t have to shell out to go to a massage parlour. Instead you could ask a friend or family member to give you treatment at home.

Home massage tables have become a lot more affordable and they can be conveniently ordered online. Before you buy, take a look at the top massage table reviews to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money.

It’s true that massage therapy requires specialist skill, but there are a few techniques that you can master in the comfort of your home. First prepare your space by getting a few essentials to go with your new massage table: Clean towels, essential oils like calming lavender or rejuvenating tea tree, candles and calming music.

Start with trapezius pulls, which involve using long strokes to relax the neck and shoulders. Next proceed to the shoulders and upper back, using your thumbs to massage the muscles in circular motion. Apply as much or as little pressure as needed. If you find a knot, move both hands to the affected area until it’s dissolved. As a general tip, always remember to use your whole body during a massage to reduce tension in your own hands, arms and shoulders.

The Therapeutic Effect

To decide which type of massage you need, listen to your body. Do you have sore spots or knots that need addressing? Or are you looking for something gentle to reduce your stress levels?

Regardless of the type of treatment you opt for, all massages carry many of the same benefits. It will release muscle tension, reduce any pain, support your digestive system, relieve anxiety and headaches and help you sleep better. A lymphatic massage can be used to clear toxins from your body and strengthen your immune system. If you’re pregnant, have any existing medical conditions, are taking medication, or have any broken bones you should always discuss these with your massage therapist prior to treatment.

However, alongside those who are advocating the benefits of massages, there are some who are more critical. In particular, it can be hard to assess the precise medical effects of massage therapy. This is partly because you can’t test it using a placebo (like substituting sugar with a sugar-substitute) to determine its effect on the body.

Even though we may not always be able to quantify the effects of massage therapy, its positive effect has overwhelming support. After all, there must be a reason why it’s been used to cure ailments for centuries. The most important thing to remember is to always adjust the massage according to the individual. If you’re the one lying on the massage table, be sure to voice your concerns and requests to your therapist. And if you’re the one giving the treatment, ask your client if there are any particular areas in which they would like you to focus. Good communication will ensure amazing, and lasting, results.

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