Massage has been extensively used by the people of 21st century. It is not that people have started using it as a wellness solution now; in-fact massage has a very old history. But now people have started understanding its importance and the therapy is used by all classes of people to gain coolness and smoothness. In this article we will discuss about benefits and history of massage. This article is brought by London Massage for better awareness and information of the users.

Massage therapy brags of a long history and cultures in and around the world. Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. The reference of massage appears in writings from ancient China, India, and Arabian nations, Japan, Egypt and Greece. Massage was also called the art of rubbing.

People now have started using different kind of massage therapy as per the related health problems. In European countries like USA and Britain massage therapy is repeatedly considered as a complementary and alternative medicine for any kind of treatment. It gives a real pleasure and complete calmness in the mind. After a thorough message one feel revitalize and they can start the work with more and better energy. If you look in the pages of history, the fact sheet would provide you a general overview of massage therapy.

Advantages of Massage Therapy
Before writing the article, the team of visiting massage went through a thorough research. The research gave them a numbers; the numbers would tell you the importance of massage. It was estimated that 18 million adults and 700,000 children had received massage therapy in one annual year. The people uses massage for a variety of health-related purposes. Some common health related problems includes pain sports injuries, stress, anxiety and depression. One can use this for general wellness.

People have experienced benefits but when it comes to scientific evidence on massage, it is limited. Scientists are yet to prove about the changes that occur in the body and how the wellness is attained. The Many research are carried all over the world to get the right answers about the working of the massage therapy.

Massage Therapy: Some Concerns
Massage therapy if not performed by professionals may cause few serious risks. So it is suggested that if you want to have massage go for the right massage professionals. A little mistake during the massage process may hamper your health; you may face severe pain in the concerned area. It would be better if you would share the history of all the previous massage you have undergone; the therapist will find it easy. Your little care would ensure coordinated and safe massage.

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