Is massage an insomnia cure?

Are you affected by problems with sleeping? You're not the only one. It's believed that around 64 million US residents are afflicted by insomnia every year.

The main thing is that you have to know insomnia isn't a illness but a signal. So to find an efficient means to fix your own sleep problems, you need to look for the underlying problem.

If suffering from chronic insomnia, a trip to your physician is recommended to eliminate any actual medical conditions. In some instances, your doctor may suggest sleep drugs. However, these kinds of medications are unable to deal with the initial cause of your sleep problems even though they can help you for a short period of time; worse yet, you may get dependent on them. Just like it's impossible for you to keep a cast on a broken bone since this will make the muscles to atrophy; these sleep medicines should only be used for the short-term.

There are clearly several natural methods to help you sleep, such as plant based and vitamins and minerals, aromatherapy, regular planned exercise and stress management courses. Massage is, undoubtedly, one of the best options.

You might know that massage therapy can help individuals release their tension, but just how does it help with insomnia? Research shows that massage therapy can remedy your sleeplessness. It does it in an effective way by getting at a number of the key root causes of insomnia.

For many individuals experiencing insomnia issues, they cannot sleep well because of the pain troubles as well as some health conditions. These problems can include arm or hand numbness, neck or back pain, spasms and cramps and restless leg syndrome, etc.

Massage has proven to be a good way to resolve a number of these issues. Mainly because once your chronically tight muscles have been freed and your blood flow normalizes, your pain is going to disperse. In a short time, the signs and symptoms that normally wake you up through the night will no longer be a problem.

What's more, it will affect the way your autonomic nervous system responds to external factors; therefore working on a deep level to help with your insomnia issues. There are two branches of the autonomic nervous system; the first is the parasympathetic system and the other is the sympathetic system.

The sympathetic system has a very close connection with flight and fight responses; it will be triggered as soon as you feel stressed.

The parasympathetic system manages your digestive and restorative functions. Each time you received a massage your parasympathetic system will be activated and provides your body an opportunity to slow down and restore itself.

Massage has been proved very successful when it is used to stimulate people's parasympathetic system. You will understand how this works once you try it. It is especially useful to help individuals sleep.

Massage is extremely helpful in eliciting a relaxation response. And the thing that may surprise you will be the the effect of massage therapy on insomnia is long-lasting. Having frequent massage, the benefits continue long after the massage as your body remembers how to activate the parasympathetic system as you go to sleep. Regular massage really reprograms your nervous system.

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