Mass communication is communicating to a particular mass/certain amount or sector of people through a medium. It is almost done on a large scale means communicating to a large segment of population. Mass communication is not limited to journalism only but it includes number of different fields. The fields of mass communication are journalism, films, television, digital video production, public relation and corporate communication, advertising and marketing communication, photography, creative writing and many more.

Courses of mass communication are very interesting and students can choose to study these courses after their 12th easily. Students who wish to have career in mass communication have a range of courses to select from including short term certificate courses to undergraduate degree courses. Under graduate courses are BMC (bachelor in mass communication), BJMC (bachelors in journalism and mass communication), BA in mass communication, B.Sc in mass communication etc. All these courses are of 3 years. Mass communication provides many of the diploma, short term and certificate courses. Duration of time for these courses depends on the course selected. Some of such courses are advance certificate program in television journalism, advance diploma cinematography (digital), advance diploma in experimental media arts, advance certificate course in radio production and broadcasting and many more.

Media is the mirror of society and vice- versa. Media covers almost all the aspects of human life. Without mass communication we would cease to exist as well informed, developed and civilized citizens.

Career in mass communication is very demanding. A professional in this field should be well qualified and should be very open minded and active. Education plays an important role so it is essential to choose the school for these courses wisely. Mass communication includes various mediums like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet etc. Selection of course should be done by keeping these mediums in mind. If a student is very good in writing and can leave a strong impact on reader mind then he/she can go for the print media. And if a student has excellent communication skills both verbal and written, and is confident then electronic media (television and radio) will suit him/her better. But apart from skills one more thing should be kept in consideration while selecting a course in mass communication and that thing is "interest or passion for a particular medium".

The courses of mass communication help a student to enhance their personality. A professional of mass communication is supposed to have a magnetic presence and this is only possible when a person is confident and knowledgeable. These things come from concentration, hard work and a habit of learning. These courses provide a perfect platform for learning.

Career in mass communication is highly paid one plus it offers fame too. The opportunities for these professional are endless. Therefore if a student is creative, dynamic and has flair to project his/her ideas and thoughts through different mediums of mass communication can achieve great heights in this industry. The size of Indian media and industry is increasing at a higher rate every year. So career in mass communication is promising.

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In this article the writer is telling about mass communication courses after 12th, writer is also emphasis on the Mass Communication Courses in Delhi and mass communication for help to all Indian 12th pass out students.