Illusions are challenging and they provide photos and graphics with intriguing prospects. This aspect can be realized with masking an image. It is a wonderful way to add spice to things all nice in a photo or graphic design.

The best way to mask an image is to manipulate the contents with effects like text or add depth with 3D illusion. There are other ways in multimedia to derive spicy pictures. Dynamic graphics have now become the key mantra to good illustrations. And illusions do create a major impact on the mind of the viewers. Getting a good mask is like sharpening a skill and it comes with practice. And to do it, editors will first take a profile view of the pictures to be edited. The first step is to do color correction before the actual masking. This will ensure that the layers that the added will not alter the texture of the frame. If this step is skipped then the picture will not appear sharp finally. Sharpening is also done because sometimes the pictures are out of focus when taken in a hurry.

To mask an image, there is a need to magnify it at the right zoom amount. It aids the masking technique. A minimum of 50% magnification is required for the edit process. The unsharp mask is used. The three sliders that appear in the menu are used to correct and sharpen the mask. There is a process to deal with the sharpening of soft and hard images. The procedure changes to make pictures look natural eventually. For example flowers, children, fresh leaves, rainbows need to have the element of innocence intact. The more subtle the mask, more appealing the frame will be. In the same manner the hard images will require a slightly different kind of procedure for the same job. Either way it should be suitable to the edit and brief. There is a choice of moderate, maximum and all-purpose degrees of sharpening. Only a professional knows the threshold level of the sharpening and mask levels required.

It is true that today nearly 75% of the pictures to need to be masked to some degree for a dynamic outcome. Photo studios know that this is a professional requirement and keep trained experts to handle the various projects. The kind of clients who require such degree of edit and manipulated pictures are advertising agencies and publishers in the print media. Other that these people web designers is also potential clients who require masking an image for effects or any other purpose. A photograph goes through a lot of processes before it is used professionally. The process needs an eye for detail and loads of patience.

Image editing has become the trend of the market. Nobody sells pictures that have not been brushed up before being put up in the market. And why not, when you can easily give that extra touch to the images that will make them stand apart in the crowd. It is a presentation tool that makes photographs and graphics usable and reusable. One can hardly imagine a colorful world without any photo editing. These processes have made presenting pictures on various mediums a very easy task.

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