Lesotho Africa is the best destination if one is planning to travel to Africa for a wonderful vacation. The official name of Lesotho is the Kingdom of Lesotho. Lesotho Africa is a country which is surrounded by land and cooperative. This country is surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. The area of this country is just 11,583 sq mi in size and the population here is approximately 2,067,000. In this country the largest city is the Maseru which is also the capital of Lesotho Africa. This country is a member and a part of Common wealth of Nations. The meaning of Lesotho is “the land of people who speaks Sesotho”. There are many place to travel in this country because this country is been divided into ten district including Berea, Butha-Buthe, Leribe, Mafeteng, Maseru, Mohale’s Hoek, Mokhotlong, Qacha’s Nek, Quthing and Thaba-Tseka. After the division of the districts they are further subdivided into 80 constitutes. The climate in Lesotho Africa is cool throughout the year due to it’s situated at the altitude. In winter it gets cooler and the temperature goes down to -7 degree. So it is the best time to visit here in the between the month of May and September because there is high snowfall which covers the highest peaks. The religion followed by them is 90% Christians and the rest of the 10% are the Muslims, Hindu, Bahai and Buddhists.

Another place which is famous and one can also visit there is the Gabon Africa. This state is been located in the west central coast of Africa. It got independence from France in the year 1960 on August 17. Basically Gabon Africa was been ruled by three presidents. If you visit this place then you can get a chance to explore in the rain forest to see many flora and fauna. It is the richest tropical forest and is preserved with wildlife. There are in total 8,000 plant species and 200 mammals’ species and beautiful 600 bird species. If you travel down here then you can visit many places and sites which are known as the attraction of the tourist in Gabon Africa. The official name of this state is the Republique Gabonaise. And the capital to it is Libreville. The area covered by this state is around 267,665 sq km and population here is just 1.1 million. The language spoken in Gabon Africa is French, Fang, Myene, Bateke and Bapounou.

If you have planned to visit Africa once in your life then there are many attractions which may attract you and drag you to explore this country. Since this country is been famous for the wildlife and rain forest then one can visit to the best place to have a adventurous experience in Masai Mara Safari. It is the best place to explore with family and friends with exotic view and thrilling sports to participate. In this place you can just have a closure look of the wild animals and birds and can capture them in camera as a memory while exploring Masai Mara Safari. Animals like lion, hyena, cheetah, leopard, jackals and lot more can be found. One can go for a safari or just camp in this place while watching zebra running in group experiencing the beautiful sunset in Masai Mara Safari.

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