What’s the best memory you have of your childhood? We bet it’s the fun mud play with your buddies. Creating sandcastles and fidgeting with mud kitchens was all you could think of as playful tasks. But as we grew up, this fun and creative mud play was often assumed as an untidy and dirty work. But actually, this mud play can be a source of various types of growth and development in your kids and is one of the most essential activities that they shouldn’t at all miss.

The many good results of mud play!

We don’t know the exact reasons, but most kids are naturally drawn towards mud and games related to it. They can actually be busy with it for hours and invent lots of new games. But this isn’t all -- there can be numerous more reasons as to why one of the most prominent early learning centers like Blooming Buds finds this kind of play so important for the kids. They are experts in imparting the best knowledge and training to your children under their care and play a vital role in their proper grown-up. And if you want to know why they think that there can be great benefits of mud play for your child, read on!

1. They understand the textures better — Playing with mud is a great way to let the kid experience textures on a first-hand basis. Like, even if you try to, you can’t explain to a kid what exactly is wet, sticky, softy, or watery just through pictures. They tend to understand the same once they feel it in their own hands through the mud.

2. They learn new words — Mud play is also a great way to introduce new words to children. They will learn pronouncing vocabularies like gooey, wet, dry, etc. And if they build a castle with it, let them speak out the names of each room in their castle aloud.

3. Science happens too — After feeling and putting some emphasis to a child’s language skills, science is taught too with the help of mud play. They tend to reason and ask questions about why the mud dries after a day or why it turns sticky after exposure to water and so on! As you answer these curious minds, you tend to increase their scientific knowledge as well.

4. Maths isn’t left too — Mud kitchen and castle play both are rich with knowledge of maths! Like the kids can be taught about the concept of empty, full, and number of pitchers they’ll require with mud for their next castle! This is a great way to expose them to number counting as well.

5. You see their immense talent — Some kids are God gifted with talent, others learn and few get them through their genes. And for some kids, a mud play during early childhood time plays an important role in making them try it. They do learn to create castles, make balls out of mud, and even paint using this with their brush! Just let the child indulge in a great play and you’ll be glad about the results.

It’s really strange that the mud (of which we always think of as dirt and keep our kids away) can prove to be so useful to them! No doubt they are attracted to this. If only we adults could understand this and let them explore the same without any nagging!

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