Making sense of business-critical market data is a costly, time-intensive process, which begins with finding the data – internal and external. Supply chain optimization is vital for multiple industries and farmers. Farmers are on the losing end of the supply chain and Martha Montoya has seen it firsthand across the world.

The bellow are the highlights of the Interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine.

Currently, Martha is steering the ship of Agtools as a CEO. Agtools provides business-critical access to accurate, objective, and frequently updated real-time market data along with the performance applications and monitoring systems to provide management with the tools to develop, implement and monitor business initiatives and results. 

An Entrepreneur of the Future

According to Martha, as a businesswoman, one needs to learn how to read financials. She says the world moves with money, profit and losses, cash flows, and projections. Martha was not much aware of financials initially until she heard from a woman who runs 25 businesses, “If you don’t know your cost per unit, you’re doomed in the business.”

Agtools is now fundraising 10 million and is very confident because of the enterprise growth path Martha was taught in Women in Cloud. Martha says that the community resulted in new friendships, connections, and interactions that will stay with her for the rest of the time.

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