Marry for love or money? by Beth Shepherd psychic.

In most cases it is the young, beautiful, attractive, sexy women who are given the chance to marry (or live with or date) for money / expensive gifts etc. In some cases even an unattractive or elderly woman might get the same chance. In less cases a man gets the opportunity to get together or be with a woman for ulterior financial or material gain.

Perhaps whether it is wise to take up that chance depends on many things. Which other men are available and offering. How old you are. Your financial circumstances. Your future prospects work wise and financially. Your health. And whether or not you have family or friends about who care about you and would help you if needed.

I would imagine that a woman who has no family, no friends, bad health and bad prospects in every other way would be more inclined to say yes to the man who offers financial or material gain and turn down a man who has nothing to offer but love. But this may also depend on her background regarding love, friendship and feeling emotionally secure. If she has had an awful life where she was rejected, living with a cold or abusive family or partner, she might value love as much or more. Ideally most women would want the love and the financial security but few have a chance to get both and if you do manage to find a man who is able and happy to take care of your needs financially there is always the risk that you need him more than he needs you and he can replace you with someone else one day.

Some would consult me for a psychic reading asking me if a better man is coming soon, or if it is a good idea to say yes to such and such a man because it makes sense to check these things out before jumping in and maybe having big regrets later. This is one reason why the numerology compatibility analysis is so popular with people thinking of choosing a partner or settling down - whether love is involved or not.

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