A contented marriage or troubled marriage?
Every individual wishes to get into a lovely and contented marriage, a marriage where two individuals share their sorrows and happiness and start a new life altogether. Though we always desire a contented marriage, sometimes the situation won’t conclude the way we expect. With this, there comes an awful conclusion i.e. Divorce, leading to the legal separation of a couple. But is it what you wanted in your marriage full of love and affection? What was that reason that convinced you to put an end to a lifetime commitment?

In Naperville, a suburb in Chicago, a team of expert therapists came forward to answer your such questions in the form of Marriage Counselor Naperville. We are not intended to show any of the spouses’ faults or marriage issues stating that their decision of divorce is wrong, but we emphasize on individuals’ mental status with a hope to help a loving couple sensibly rethink about their marriage.

Therapy or divorce? The choice is yours:
When in today’s scenario, divorce is no more a petrifying word to married couples, our team of Marriage Counselor Naperville is dedicated to helping sensible couples individually to assess their issues in marriage. But also we do not suggest therapy in some matters where we feel that legal separation is the legitimate solution of that marriage.

Here are the cases where we feel counselling or therapy can be a beneficial deal for the couple:
• Young couples seeking a divorce
• Educated, open-minded and sensible couple with no sort of bias thinking on religions, beliefs, etc
• Where couples still have faith and love on each other
• Couples who are ready to analyze flaws in themselves without keeping self-ego
• Couples who believe the power of therapy and want to get benefited with it
But apart from these aforementioned cases, we see some other cases where Marriage Counselor Naperville can bring no impact; there we feel the decision is up to the couple. Here are those reasons:
• Where one among the spouses have decided to file a divorce
• If any of the spouses is addictive, alcoholic, violent, etc
• Couples who have no interest to save their marriage
• One partner is ready for therapy whereas other is in state of complete denial

Know when to seek counselling:
A therapy in marriage is sometimes misunderstood, where people feel self resentment on their own decisions, but we ensure that each session will help you to reassess your decisions without hampering your confidence and self-respect. We first analyze your issue then recommend if our therapy is useful for that or not.

Our Marriage Counselor Naperville has listed out the following reasons where we feel a healthy couple must seek therapy without any further delay:
• When communication between couples goes unwantedly meaningless and frustrating leading to emotional, mental, physical abuse.
• One partner or both involved in an extramarital affair, but now one is shameful for cheating the other partner. Though it is hard to give a second chance to the relationship once again, Marriage Counselor Naperville recommends that both the partners can seek therapy if they want to mend their marriage again with honesty and love.
• Couples having intimacy issue
• When couples are aware of their faults but do not know how to fix it.
• Despite love and faith, when a couple feels divorce is the ultimate resolution to terminate marriage issues.
• If the couple has to stay together only because of the children they have.
• When one partner goes through a state of mental depression which may create a void of unhappiness in the marriage.

Hence, we are happy to express that our counselling is the ultimate store of happiness giving a marriage a legitimate chance to grow once again more positively. Apart from this, we guide individuals to support each other during the therapy which can bind them stronger than before.

If you feel that there is still something left in your marriage and you can still go back to those golden days, we suggest you meet our Marriage Counselor Naperville at Counseling Works and discuss your concerns openly so that we can help you decide further.

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