The question of how important our marriages actually are has arisen lot's of times. A lot of people have observed that the society as a whole is a reflection of what is happening in the homes since the homes are small units that make up the society. What we can therefore deduce from this is that what we observe in the society is a result of what happens in the home.

If the above is true, one can't but wonder why it does not seem like the society at large is doing much for the home. Most of our programs are targeted at changes at the society level when we should actually be focusing on the homes. This certainly is a good example of placing the cart in front of the horse.

If we try to study the reasons why homes have broken up, we would have many reasons. I would dare to add that not much of the reasons for which these marriages broke up were too far gone. I'm almost certain of this. I say this because if some homes encountered the same challenges and took care of them, how then could the broken marriage not handle them? An important question I must say.

One thing we made very plain from the very start here was that issues can be handled correctly or wrongly. One problem that seems to be one that many homes find hard to tackle is infidelity. This is obviously so because dealing with infidelity truly is not a simple endeavor. Having said this, it's something that many marriages have faced and overcome, telling us that it's achievable.

How can this issue be handled wrongly? If for any reason you begin by not believing you can restore things, then you just might not be able to do so. People who worked at their marriage in spite of the challenges did so because they were assured that there was still a future for their marriage. Believing that you can fix your marriage would spur you to go ahead with it.

When how to save my marriage is what occupies my mind, my endeavors would be focused on this task. Here's a little advice. If you have no clue regarding what to do to save your marriage but want to do so, simply talk to a marriage therapist. The fact that you even consider consulting a marriage counselor is a major step. However, it is important that you make this move with the correct mindset. You would seriously be making nonsense of the entire process if your purpose for going for marriage counseling is anything other than finding an answer to your marital problems.

The simple way to make progress in your efforts at dealing with infidelity is to leave out blaming your partner, forgiving them and committing to making your marriage work. You forgive then you make efforts to repair things.

Let us make our society a happy place by making our homes a happy place. Societal challenges can be tackled one home at a time.

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