A marriage does not just suddenly breakup. It would always begin with one minor issue here and a little thing there. Final breakups are most times an off shoot of those deceptively little concerns not being treated. Because they were swept under the carpet, they develop into huge problems.

Our focus today is emotional affair with a person of the opposite sex outside of your spouse. This issue is some times belittled by a lot of people just because it doesn't include any physical act of cheating. Unfortunately, emotional affairs would in many cases result in the physical act of intimacy.

Let us go back and ask this. What do we understand by emotional affair? We define an affair as an emotional one when it does not include physical intimacy but is more about emotional intimacy.

From the definition above, we would notice that this involves putting in a lot of emotional energy into a relationship other than your marriage. Being caught up in an emotional affair and not thinking anything bad in it is a huge problem. This response is usually an indication that the individual is in denial.

Talking with people who have overcome this affair maybe as a result of marriage counseling, one thing is clear. There was always a guilty feeling inside them. It a lot of times felt like they were being unfaithful to their partners. It's because of this sense of wrong doing that many of them react in anger when the spouse mentions the affair.

A marriage can be slowly ended by an affair such as this. Due to this, there is a need to face it the instance it is suspected.

When thinking about this issue, one is forced to ask a question. What would make a married person fall into this in the first place?

This type of affair can easily crop up when there is no ideal communication between the spouses. Whenever a person feels more valued or cared for by someone other than their spouse, the onset of an affair is looming.

Everyone needs some amount of emotional companionship and fulfillment. When this is non existent in the marriage, a spouse could search for it outside. This type of affair in almost all cases would always begin as an innocent relationship. This makes it more dangerous.

What is the solution for this?

The main thing that would help is accepting the possibility and working against it. Regardless of how inviting it is, if your objective is to build a strong marriage, then you would not give in. It is very essential that couples communicate very deeply. Once a couple does not communicate well, they are likely to split up.

If a couple do not have an issue with their communication, it would almost be impossible for their emotional needs not to be satisfied within the marriage. It is important that emphasis is laid on the quality of the communication. A spouse can freely tell the other what they need and what they feel.

To help us not fall into an emotional affair, I would offer a tip that would help. Do not stop bringing up issues about your spouse. Let the wonderful personality of your spouse be the topic of discussion with that friend of the opposite sex who is always "there".

Regularly talking great about your partner to that individual would likely protect you from further intimacy. Do not forget that having very good communication is of the utmost value to your marriage.

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