Money issues, health problems and misunderstandings about children are some of the common issues that arise in marriage affairs. If these problems are not well dealt with, they can see the union going down the drain. All the parties involved basically have to work towards this.

There is nothing more painful than finding out that your partner is not honoring your union. Matrimony is a sacred business and should be accorded enough respect from both parties involved. Healing from any cheating in the nuptial is usually very difficult and it basically requires commitment from both parties if that matrimony is to be saved. It is not always guaranteed that the initial trust will be gained because this is very difficult to regain.

Infidelity is a common practice in most of the unions. Regularly referred to as cheating, it can be defined as a breach of respect to the union. It usually involves a partner having sexual relationship with another person outside the nuptial. This can be really devastating keeping in mind the fact that sexual intercourse should be exclusively be between the two in the union.

Adultery is yet another from of extramarital sex by one or both partners. Adultery is considered to be legal offense in some states and could lead to serious consequences in case of divorce. It refers to the act of on of the parties or even both of them wandering outside the union to have sexual pleasure s somewhere else.

For one to be able to perform all these acts without necessarily being found, great lying skills are really required. It is a form of deception and involves one portraying false perceptions and thoughts in order to manipulate the thinking of the other partner. This practice can continue for as long as the person involved is much careful.

There could be various reasons as to why someone ought to wander outside a matrimonial union. The partners might not be satisfying each other well sexually leading to one looking for pleasure somewhere else. Such issues only create mistrust in relationships.

There is nothing worse than marital pain so this should not be a repeated act. A mistake is only termed so if it is done once. Once repeated, this surely could be a serious problem with the person involved. There's an old saying that goes "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". This adage would certainly seem appropriate for any marriage affair.

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Dr. Joe James is a psychologist who specializes in anger management and couples therapy in his Maryland marriage counselor office.