So, you have just taken a course on how to safely and effectively apply a wrap and or scrub for your clients. Now what?

It is time to get the word out to get the clients in. You will want to make use of all your avenues for marketing whenever you add new services to your menu such as scrubs and bodywraps.

Make sure you add it to your brochures, fee schedules or menus and also put up posters or displays in your office to entice your current clients to add or try out something new. Often suppliers have posters which you can purchase or get for free (when you have bought the line of products of course) since they want to see you succeed and buy more supplies. A well place eye catching poster can draw in customers. If you have a store front be sure to utilize that space for new products and services.

This is no time for being shy. You need to shout from the roof (no literally of course), so that clients know what is available and why they should make use of it. If they don't know, they are not likely to book in. Make a point of telling each of your clients when they come in about any new services or specials that you are running. Get excited about it, enthusiasm is contagious. If you are upbeat and positive about something new, your clients will be too. This may be the single most important thing you need to do, because no mater how much advertising and marketing you put out there, if you are ho hum about the service when the client calls I can bet that the odds are they will pass on booking with you. So, go ahead get excited and let it come through.

Many clients have no idea what a scrub and wrap can do for them, so you will need to educate them. They need to understand what the value is for them. Just like with massage, they need a detailed look at what the service will provide for them. What can they expect to feel after one treatment? What can they expect to feel from a series of treatments (tip: good time to offer a package deal to pre-pay for a series of sessions)? Make your choice of words inviting and also easy for the client to understand. Telling them that you will be exfoliating the top layer of skin so the the cells can regenerate may sound very technical, however it may have more appeal to the client to know that you will be removing the dead skin so that the healthy glow comes through and that their skin will feel baby soft afterwards. Give them terminology that they can relate to. Cellular regeneration may have significant meaning to you, however your client will relate better to younger looking and feeling skin.

Next you want to think about you internet marketing. Get it listed on social media such as your business facebook page and myspace, post a note or ten on twitter, send out emails to your customers. You may not see droves of customers from any one of these avenues, however the combined effect can be dramatic and often they only cost you some time so you may as well make use of them. Look for groups on social sites that might have people who would like your services. Groups which are targeted for your local area especially since you are unlikely to have people flying in to see you. You might find local interest groups or groups looking for deals, there is something for everyone out there if you dig a little.

As with traditional marketing, offering some kind of promotional offer or discount is a great way to get people on to a new service. You could offer an upgrade to add a scrub or wrap on to a massage for instance for a considerable discount to entice them into spending more money with you. This is a great way to fill in blank spaces and increase your income.

If you need more clients there is also the much used and loved bring a friend deal. This of course works better for locations which have more than one treatment room and practitioner/therapist, however if you are creative you can still make use of this as a single operator. I know I have used these offers with my girlfriends to make use of services that we do not normally splurge on.

Even if you have not yet completed your training, you can still start on your marketing. Let your current clients know that you will be taking course for a new technique, they love to know that you are upgrading your skills and offering new things. It also offers you an unique marketing opportunity to pre-sell some gift certificates or appointment times for the new treatment. Offer a discount for the first 5-10 appointments that you will be doing right after your training. The discount is to honor the fact that your client is coming in to get the service done when you are still a little wobbly with it and because they are pre-paying you for the service. This can be an excellent way for you to fund your training. We have had a number of our students make use of this marketing trick and have been able to collect more than enough money to pay for the workshop.

The more avenues you employ to promote and market the addition of wraps and scrubs to your services the greater your chances of success. If you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, some of it has got to stick. Same with marketing keep trying different things and some of it will bring in new customers.

To recap your marketing options;
1. Add it to your Brochures and fee schedules
2. Put up a Sign in your waiting room and treatment room
3. Tell your current clients, friends and family
4. Educate your clients
5. Internet marketing avenues (facebook, myspace...)
6. Add it to your web site
7. Create a special offer, discount or combo

It matters not which you choose to do, just go for it. You can do it.

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Biography: Dana Pharant is the founder of Whole Body Healing - Therapy Supplies. She has been a registered massage therapist since 1992 and running a therapy supply store since 1999. Her store rocks out at both its geographical locations at: 68 Hooper Rd Barrie, ON or 121 Dundas St. E. Belleville, ON and on the internet at: