This is a question I hear again and again. What is the difference between attracting Window Shoppers and drawing in Paying Clients? The answer is in your words. Take a look at your web site, your special offers, and your sales pages. Are you promising bargains or presenting transformation with clear benefits?

Your own focus will be the focus of your Prospects. Bargains attract people with a poverty mindset. Transformation opportunities attract people who are focused on seeing change, not pinching pennies.

Now, here’s the key: What transformation do your Perfect Prospects need from you?

Is it more time to vacation in exotic places? Do they crave prestige and status? Do they long to feel confident about their family’s wellness and safety?
What do you offer them that will give them their deepest yearning? Hint: it’s not your product or service. It’s what your product or service will produce in their life. To use an old sales adage: It’s the deal behind the deal. Once you get clear on what you’re truly offering, you’ll know how to talk about the benefits your Perfect Prospects need and have them gladly pulling out their credit cards.

Taking it one step further, ask yourself, What is the greatest pain that you relieve for them? Focus only on that one pain. Stay on that problem like a spotlight on an opera star.

Here are your next steps:

1. Decide Today's the DAY. Get serious about making a shift. In order to see something change for you, you’ll need to change what you’re doing. It’s not easy. It’s like turning the tide of a river, but once you decide that today’s the day, things will begin to shift for you.

2. Take Action. Choose one specific pain or problem your clients have and market only to that (getting healthy, starting their own business, making more money, etc.) Tailor your emails, your blog posts, and your sales pages to that one area and get as specific as possible.

3. Bombard Your Market. Pull out the big guns. Email every friend and family member about the pain you’ve pinpointed in Step 2. Tell them how you can help with clear benefit statements. Go to networking events, contact old prospects that did not sign on, email your database, write articles and blog posts, post notes to Facebook, and tweet like crazy. This is just a start. Create a 10-Day Down and Dirty Marketing Campaign and focus on reaching every possible person you can. Discuss their pain, offer your solution, and give them a way to work with you.

4. Believe in Yourself. People need your gifts. You can ease the precise pain that has been nagging them for years. Once you truly realize that they need YOU, you’ll know how vital it is for you to share what you do. That’s called marketing. When you can express what you offer in the words that touch your Perfect Prospect’s burning need, you’ll have them lining up with their credit cards out asking, “Where do I sign?”

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Rosey Dow is a casting director. She casts the perfect clients who would take your business to the next level.