This 1 simple marketing secret is so simple that there’s a danger you might discover what it is, pull in the corner of your mouth, shake your head, and click away. So hold on and hear this out. This one secret is so serious that Michael E. Gerber author of the E-Myth Revisited, Thomas Edison, the great Peter Drucker, Ray Kroc founder of McDonald’s and every other marketing wizard emphasized this one thing above all others.

If you are making less than 6 figures, you’re still struggling with it. More than 6 figures, you’re starting to get it. 7 figures and you’ve got it down. This one secret is that powerful.

What is it?

It’s becoming so in tune with your clients and prospects that you see the world through their eyes. Spot a particular brand of car on the street and you’ll think, “My prospects love that car. I wonder who is driving it. Maybe I can give them my card.” Walk into a coffee shop and hear someone order a mocha latte and you’ll take a second look because your prospects love mocha lattes. You’ll watch for an opening to start a conversation. That’s what I’m talking about.

When you get in sync with your prospects (the people you love to work with, who get great results, and who can afford you) everything in your business shifts. You speak with confidence when you talk about what you do. You’ll know whether your prospects place more value on close relationships or status. You’ll know whether your prospects dream of a beach vacation or volunteering on a mission project.

You’ll know how to express what you do in words that will open their hearts to new possibilities only you can give them.

Here are 3 steps to get you started:

1. From your clients (or practice partners if you don’t have clients yet), select people you love to work with, who get great results from your work, and who can afford you. These are your shining stars.
2. Write down as much about them as you can—what motivates them, what annoys or scares them, their dreams and hopes—every detail is important
3. Find out where these people are alike and craft every single marketing message to their shared attitudes, frustrations, and motivations.

Go for the gold. Just like an FBI profiler pays close attention to the smallest details about their subjects, note everything down. Fill a notebook. Fill two.

When you get that clear, everything else falls into place. You’ll know your niche. You’ll speak with confidence when you share your offer because you know exactly what aspect of your business brings out the best results for your shining stars. Tweak the same sales page you’re already using and watch your success rate climb. Check the free offer on your web site. Bring its message into focus and watch your list grow. Create programs your shining stars love and they’ll line up to buy.

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