Dr. Katie-Lynne Garnett

Marketing Miracles happen in a number of ways:

Step 1: Finding out who you are and what you have to offer.

Step 2: Identifying where the integrity lives within who you are and what you have to offer.

Step 3: Bringing coherence between who you are, what you have to offer, and what your clients truly want from you.

Step 4: And, clearing the way between advertising and mesmerizing with love.

STEP 1: Resilience - Finding out who you are and what you have to offer.
Finding out who you are and what you have to offer begins with an inner search. The important part is not to worry about your history, your education, your experience - these will speak for themselves in the resume of your mind and in your written words - the resume or ad material that you ultimately write.

This part of finding out who you are depends on your willingness to put aside old beliefs about ‘I don’t deserve, I am not enough, I shouldn’t sell my gifts or charge money for my gifts.’ It means putting away, or actually eliminating, old programs like - only medical doctors, or computer software engineers, or plumbers, or actors, can charge for their gifts and services, I am a light-worker, a healer, a teacher, and therefore I should simply offer my services gratis, or at the very least, I should gear my prices to the greatest number of people, in the belief that by supporting their incapacity to search for the way to pay for my services, I am doing them a favor.

Teachers, healers, day-care workers, coaches, are people of the Do, a Japanese word for the Way. And so are plumbers and actors and web-builders. We all have our Way and our gifts and services to offer. In our culture, we all offer our gifts in exchange…in exchange for the thrill of offering our gift to the world, in exchange for the experience of the interaction between us and our clients, and in exchange for money…cash, checks, money-orders, paypal…it doesn’t matter, as long as it is legal tender. Talents need to be paid for, it is our agreement with each other.

When you choose to believe that you are purely a person who gives, and not a person who receives in gratitude, then you are unconsciously devaluing your talents, gifts and skills. If you devalue them, you can only expect that your potential clients and colleagues will devalue them as well.

Finding yourself includes accepting your worth, your own financial value, as much as it means finding your gifts.

Using the awesome, The One Command, in all its depth, in all its grace, in all its simplicity and success, you change your life – as you ground (close your eyes and ground your energy into the earth) align (with eyes closed, picture a beam of light coming down through the top of your head in through your body- with eyes still closed, follow that beam of light out through the top of your head and deep into the blackness of space where you see the light of Source) you are now in the theta brain wave and can say silently to yourself:

I don’t know how I have absolute clarity on the gifts I have to offer, I only know I do Now, and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I clearly know I deserve to be paid well for my gifts and services, I only know I do Now, and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I allow myself to receive all that I desire, I only know I do Now, and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I enjoy receiving full payment for my gifts just as much as I enjoy offering my gifts, I only know I do Now, and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I know my life has changed forever to fulfill my dreams, I only know it has Now, and I am fulfilled.

Watch for Step 2 - How to identify where your integrity lives and how you demonstrate it.

Blessings, Katie

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Katie Garnett is an Intensive Personal Achievement Coach, founder of Behavioral DNA Programs, founder of Seeds for Success, and co-founder of Programs for Awakening, a series of seminars for expanding your awareness, capabilities and joy. Real information, for real change, for real people.

In her professional work as a coach, intuitive counselor and international corporate consultant, Dr. Garnett, focuses on both business growth and the personal success of her individual coaching clients. She works closely with her clients to release their past and transcend their lives to the levels they have dreamed of.

“I witness your Mastery.” Dr. Katie-Lynne Garnett