Financial resources play a huge part in how well nonprofits can market their programs and services. Most nonprofits don't have sufficient funds to do everything they would like to, but it is important to use what funds are available to the fullest extent. Thus, nonprofits should attempt to use as many free services and programs as possible. This article provides some ideas that are free or may have a minimal fee attached.

1. If you have a board member who is a marketing professional, perhaps they could help you develop marketing materials or help you to meet the goals and objectives in your marketing plan.

2. If you have a board member who is not a marketer but knows someone who is, perhaps they can ask that person to do some pro bono work for the organization.

3. Call or e-mail the volunteers in your volunteer pool. Ask if any of them are marketing professionals or have a connection to a marketer? You might be surprised at what you find.

4. Often times, marketing students have to develop marketing materials or campaigns as part of an internship or university course. You could call the marketing program at a local university to see if they have a marketing student available to work on a project with you.

5. Another option is to contact a nonprofit organization that does a great job marketing its services and programs and inquire about the marketing specialist they currently use or have used in the past. Or, you could ask for permission to modify their marketing materials so they apply to your organization.

6. You could contact a local marketing firm to see if they would be willing to do any pro bono work for your organization. In exchange for their work, you could place one of their ads on your website and/or provide a link that when people click on it, they are taken directly to the marketing firm's website. Or, you could barter with the marketing firm. For example, if they create new marketing materials or develop a marketing campaign for your agency, you could invite them to your annual activities/events or give them a product you developed (e.g., CD, DVD, training manuals), free of charge. Often times, there are new marketing businesses that will provide their services free or at a reduced rate in exchange for exposure (getting their name out there). You can find these marketing firms through entities, such as the Arizona Small Business Association, National Association of Women Business Owners, local Chambers of Commerce, etc.

7. You could take a marketing class at a college, university, or community college, or you could explore the Internet for available online marketing classes and courses.

The bottom line is, if you can get someone to help you with your marketing efforts, free of charge, then pursue it. Otherwise, explore other options, such as bartering, or those options that provide the biggest bang for the buck, while adhering to your budget.

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