Most people familiar with my organization know that Future Trust's professionals have always addressed issues from a cause and not a symptom perspective. This relentless pursuit of excellence brought inevitable success and a deep understanding of how people, groups, teams, and organizations work.

These same professionals developed our first product aimed at the individual called the Wheel of Success (, which is a complete multidimensional step by step life mastery program that balances and streamlines your life for optimum performance and success.

When we finalized the development of the course it was time to start marketing it.

Oh, my word... We discovered that Internet marketing to individuals is complex has many facets or stages. There are privacy laws all over the world these are not always harmonious. This complexity drove us to commit us as an organization to learn this modern mystical art.

Obviously, some people were already doing it, because the product is moving all over the planet, and we all know that the giants in this industry’s dominance are staggering. However, the product that we are marketing promote the value of being true to yourself... (now slight tilt of the head and shoulder shrug)

In any “exclusive” world there are dark alleys and some very varied and specialist disciplines which sometimes overlap and other times don’t meet up at all. Unsurprisingly you can get lots and lots of different tools which sometimes work together just so, but, most of the time, oh my word... (cue weird music, some smoke, and a bright yellow snake if you have one...)

Then we discovered a company that has an interesting way of solving 2 problems at the same time. They teach people how to do internet marketing (which will only be a sought after skill until the Internet dies... Ha-ha) using their own system as the product to sell. You know - earn while you learn scenario where learning generates actual income for the student.

The Power Lead System (PLS) which was built with the goal of assisting people to make more money in their existing business, by giving them tools, training, and systems. The Power Lead System is an internet marketing training course, with a built-in opportunity to promote it as an affiliate.
The affiliate portion is voluntary and you can choose to a remain a pure customer of the Power Lead System suite with lots of training, which I can tell you is amazing.

The interesting discovery is that the PLS is such a good product that people focus on it and simply build marketing businesses around it. In the training and while the business is running you simply follow a process and real money appears in your bank account... So marketing with training wheels...

What is surprising is just how fast the money happens - days, not weeks, or months... It is great!!

So if you know someone struggling to get out of a dead-end job, someone who is currently struggling to find a job, someone who is still “finding themselves” or even people who have no idea what they would like to do professionally, or if your pensioner-parents are becoming tech-savvy through sheer boredom, if someone has just been diagnosed with something, and they don't know how they will pay the bills...

Come on over... We have an amazing system and a stunning team of people who will help you become productive and a sought-after skilled professional.

Power Lead System Income Disclaimer: Power Lead system does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services.

Come click it - Go ahead, you’ll love it! (

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I am but a mortal on this earth, that received an amazing gift – my stunning children where we are graced a fabulously loving home and family environment. I have been blessed by angelic and mythical friends, cohorts, and acquaintances that inspire, challenge, stimulate and motivate me and other people on this earth to be and become the person that lives in their dreams; to be good, loving and most of all caring. I was born fortunate because my birth at a certain place and time bestowed on my access to a language which allows expression to some degree the richness of human existence. All my life I have been burdened with a desire to tell stories that nobody has heard before. These stories were not always welcome, understood or appreciated, but we have to learn – each of us – how to become the person we were destined to be by accepting failure, learning from it and to somehow try again. The more we practice the better we become, the more we fail the more focused we grow in our efforts. I am indebted to GOD ALMIGHTY for the absolute overwhelming gift of life. I have learned that we all belong to some religion, faith, understanding or belief system. I cannot tell you that what you believe is wrong, because you grew up in a different part of the world, different culture or different circumstances. I can, however, encourage you to become the best that you can be, inside of your faith and belief system. As all can see I am just – a very lucky good guy –