When we hear of other folk receiving marketing awards, we are likely to think that they're individuals who seriously got ‘their act together’ and are top notch, or very lucky, or both.

Many business operators are not prepared to put effort and time into entering awards because they believe they're not going to have a chance against the alternative ‘great’ businesses. Wrong! With such minimal numbers of entrants in most marketing awards, the likelihood of winning are much greater than you think.

So why do people enter marketing awards? Entering awards might be a significant marketing and promotion activity of businesses who spend considerable time on their submissions. All businesses are aware that marketing is essential but many will not try a marketing strategy simply because they think it's going to be too expensive .How wrong can you be?

Networking, websites, social media, joint ventures, mail (or email) drops are logical marketing techniques. Letting your customers know about your product and services can be a marketing tactic.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to enter these marketing awards

You just don't need to possess a marketing and promotion department or a third party developing your marketing strategy on your behalf; or even a specialist marketing member of staff .Home based businesses functioning independently are usually capable of building outstanding marketing and promotion campaigns.

Incorporate information about the measurement methods you used to assess the significance of your marketing plan e.g. the number of people; what dollar value was reached when submitting your entry for marketing awards.

It is a mistake to enter marketing awards with the sole purpose of winning. If you'd like to get a good knowledge of how your enterprise is travelling e.g. framework, objectives and outcomes; then entering awards allows you to take a close look at these points. One other reason to enter marketing awards is to network with other successful businesses; entrants only take part in marketing awards if they believe that they've got an outstanding business.

Some entrants may in fact be ready to accept alliances and joint ventures with like minded entrants. Still others enter to meet up with the VIP's who present the awards, offering excellent photo opportunities for future marketing and promotional content.

You can contribute to your expertise taking part in marketing awards and of course, if you win, it is even more enjoyable. So perhaps the question should be ‘why don’t people enter awards?’You will likely come across countless acceptable awards to enter for your type of business; so don’t procrastinate. Decide to enter marketing awards this year and get a move on!

Enter these marketing awards and you could win a trip for 2 overseas!

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Ven Grollmus has been supporting the Home Based and Micro business sector for years. He is a computer programmer and shares his knowledge re software and IT with the sector. www.homebasedbusinessaustralia.org