This article focusses on the uprising trends affecting the world of social media this year and why experienced guidance of a social media marketing company is required for your business to flourish.

From official WhatsApp groups to online family chats, from finding old friends online to blocking your worst foes, social media has become much more important in our lives than ever. With Facebook and Twitter playing an elemental role in our lives, it would be quite unusual for your business if it still does not have a well-researched social media strategy.

Hiring an experienced social media marketing company in Australia and staying updated about the ongoing trends are probably the most sought-after thing for you at this time to make it big online.

With people’s needs, likes and dislikes evolving frequently these days, it has become extremely important to get hold of the trending issues of social media. And to give you an overview, here is a quick and brief rundown on the social media trends of 2020.

The social media ‘Detox’

The ever-expanding social media family has increased to a total of 3.5 billion approximately worldwide, indicating a 9% steep rise from last year. Though it occurs as a thriving opportunity for businesses to reach out their potential audience, an adverse situation is probably about to come.

Researchers have observed that a certain section of social media users have started deleting their profiles and apps in order to reduce the use of social media use. This is what they are popularly addressing as the “Detox from social media”. Another pattern is people are now preferring one platform over another thereby, reducing or discontinuing their use on a specific platform to invest their time on the other. For instance, the number of Facebook users has significantly declined with a steady rise on Instagram users at the same point of time.

Upsurge of social selling

Social media has become the next big thing for businesses in terms of marketing and promotions indeed. With majority of your audience having their profiles in social media, the time has probably come for you to bid adieu the traditional cold calling and other cookie-cutter techniques. This has helped many professionals of social media marketing agency in Australia to come up with fresh new strategies for their clients as well.

What makes it more interesting is social networks allow you to leverage on online intelligence and insights for zeroing down the strong leads before interacting with them. Research studies reveal that many companies deploy social media for various other crucial practices including account research, lead development and call preparation.

Word-of-mouth marketing and social media influencers

Back in 2018, Facebook got scrutinised because of Cambridge Analytica scandal for its improper data practices. In the same year, Twitter was also compelled to suspend around 70 million accounts because of trolls and bots which were used for influencing the presidential elections of USA. Ever since then, a major section of social media has become more sceptical and do not pay much heed to the overtly promotional campaigns lately.

To overcome this issue, businesses are collaborating with social media influencers these days who have great potential to get into personal interaction with the shoppers. They tend to occur more authentic, trustworthy and approachable compared to popular celebrities. This is the reason why majority of the young audience have started relying more on YouTube creators and other social media influencers to get recommendations before making any purchase.

Live streaming for customer engagement, importance of user-generated content and strategic social media posting are some of the other vital trends to look for this year. To inculcate the same in your social media strategy right, you must look for specialised guidance of a highly acclaimed social media marketing company in Australia. Prioritising your needs and strategising your objectives with relevance to these trends is what you should focus on this year.

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Iain Campbell is an eminent columnist, social media influencer and market analyst who likes to pen down various writeups on the importance of a social media marketing company or agency in Australia in the evolving business world.